Special attention should be paid when choosing the color of bedroom curtains, it will be troublesome if it affects the quality of sleep!

I believe everyone is no stranger to curtains. Curtains are indispensable in every area of the home. There are curtains everywhere in the bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen. Today I am going to introduce the bedroom. After a long day of hard work, we need to have a good sleep in the bedroom when we return home. The color matching of curtains has a great impact on sleep. If you don’t believe me, let’s take a look with the editor.

How to choose the color of bedroom curtains?

1. There are many different styles of bedroom curtains in color matching. For women who want to have a romantic sleeping environment, you can use green tulle curtains to make the whole The bedroom is fresh and romantic. Colorful curtains in tulle with wooden curtain rods, curtain rings and curtain rod ornaments, suitable for the owner who loves beauty but does not like to show off. Gray-tone tulle curtains can be matched with black iron curtain rods, and the curtain rod head decorations can choose bamboo weaving, which has a strong three-dimensional effect.

2. White feels lazy and clean. When the wind blows, the tulle flutters gently, which is quite charming. Blue thin cloth curtains, the knots at the junction of the curtain rods bring a flowing aesthetic feeling, with black iron curtain rods. The silver-gray pleated curtains will be very coordinated with modern furniture and can be placed on the windows of the study. Thin fabric roller blinds with thin light blue grids can be adjusted to different lengths and form layers.

3. When choosing bedroom curtains, you still have to choose according to your own preferences, and the contrasting colors will also have a great effect, such as the collision of black and white.

How to choose bedroom curtains correctly?

1. Considering the material of the curtains

Cotton and linen are common curtain materials, which are easy to wash, while light gauze curtains have good light transmission, which can enhance the indoor atmosphere. depth. Flocking and satin curtains are delicate and soft to the touch, low-key and luxurious, and have good shading and sound insulation effects. The curtains made of these three materials have a very good attraction effect and can guarantee people’s normal sleep.

Bamboo curtains are elegant and indifferent, with clear texture, wear resistance, strong drying performance, and good lighting effect. The artificial fiber curtain material is harder and has a poor hand feel, but it is durable and wear-resistant, and has good shading. Blinds are currently widely used in offices and homes, but when purchasing, you must first touch whether the blades are smooth, whether there are burrs, and whether they can be pulled flexibly.

We can choose the above materials according to our own preferences, but now there are some wooden curtains on the market that use adhesives in the manufacturing process, which will not only pollute the indoor air, but also affect the health of the human body. There are certain hazards to health, and those with children and the elderly at home should choose carefully.

2. According to the style of soft decoration

The choice of curtains should be determined according to the overall style of soft decoration . The choice of curtain color focuses on “coordination”. The tone and texture should be coordinated with the furniture, the decoration style of the room, and the interior walls, floors, and ceilings to form a unified and harmonious overall beauty.

If the overall decoration style is warm tones, the color of the curtains should also be warm tones, on the contrary, if the overall decoration style is cool tones, then the curtains should also choose cool tones. Psychology says: Harmonious colors can make people develop in a healthy and balanced way.

What are the taboos in the use of bedroom curtain colors?

1. Do not use too many dark colors

Do not use too much red or black as the main color in the bedroom, because too much red or too black will make people feel uncomfortable. Things tend to be extreme and impulsive. In addition, it is recommended to increase the purity and lightness of the wall covering on the wall to achieve saturation.

2. Avoid color collision with walls and furniture

Try to avoid similarity between curtains and walls and furniture tone. If the wall is yellowish, and the curtains are also beige or apricot, it seems harmonious, but in fact it is extremely unsuitable.

3. Avoid excessive use of pink

Many girls like pink, which represents romance. It is often easy to use a large area of pink in the bedroom, and it is basically pink when you look around. But in fact, pink has the meaning of provoking peach blossoms, which is easy to cause a third party and affect the relationship between husband and wife. Therefore, it is recommended that married couples try not to use pink in a large area in the room.

I will introduce here to you the relevant knowledge about how to match the color of bedroom curtains. Hope to help friends who have this need! For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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