Precautions for installing curtain rods? How to install curtain rods?

In the process of people’s decoration, curtains are an indispensable part of the decoration process. Only after the curtains are installed can a house be considered as a complete decoration, but the installation of curtains is also It’s not that simple, it also requires some skills and methods, so, what are: precautions for installing curtain rods? How to install curtain rods? Let’s take a look together.

 Precautions for installing curtain rods?

1. Leave room: During the installation process, the left and right sides of the window frame should not be lower than 6cm. This is to allow the curtain rod to have a headroom so that the curtain cloth can completely cover the window. When the curtain cloth covers the entire wall, the length of the Roman rod (excluding the decorative heads at both ends) is about 18-22cm shorter than the net width of the room. After installation, there is a gap of about 2-2 cm between the decorative head of the Roman rod and the wall. —6cm

 With the improvement of people’s living standards, there will be more and more curtain rod materials on the market today, and there will be more and more curtain rod installations with different materials and styles. Generally, it is better to ask a professional installer to install it.

2. Level: The housing price is increasing, but the quality is declining. It is affordable housing and housing under construction. Some roofs are inclined by about 10cm, and the unevenness of the ground after laying floor tiles is about 5cm. , the wall presents a trapezoidal shape. Therefore, it is best to use a level ruler and a level tube when installing a curtain rod.

3. Roof height: In order to show the beauty of the exposed curtain rod, you must pay attention to the height of the top of the room and the window to avoid a sense of depression and suffocation.

When installed on the wall, that is, the wall is installed, and the horse pole should be about 6cm to 12cm away from the roof and ceiling. When installed on the roof and ceiling, referred to as top installation, the Roman rod should be about 6cm to 10cm away from the wall, so as to prevent the curtain from rubbing against the wall and staining the curtain fabric when opening and closing the curtain.

 Curtain rod installation method?

1. Hang the curtain: After the curtain is put on the hook, hang one end of the hook into the ring The hole is fine, but after hanging the curtains, you should open and close the curtains left and right to check whether the sliding is flexible and whether the height of the two curtains is the same.

2. Scribing: Take the support under the curtain as the standard scribing line, and draw the support positioning line and hole position line. With 3 supports, the middle support is located on the window or wall, and the two ends must be equidistant. The supports at both ends are about 15-20cm away from the wall or 5-10cm away from the end of the Roman rod.

Three. Drilling: When installing the curtain rod, the depth of the drilling should be between 3.5cm and 5cm. Of course, the phenomenon of running eyes and skewing should not be allowed; when drilling, keep away from the wires With the water pipe, after its punching is completed, press the plastic expansion tube into the hole.

4. Installation rod: the support is fastened with self-tapping screws; the ring is inserted into the rod, the ring is divided into two, and one ring is left at each end; the Roman rod is pressed into the open support , adjust to make the distance between the decorative heads at both ends consistent with the wall.

 The installation of curtains is also an important step in the process of home decoration. Although it looks very simple, the installation of curtains also requires a lot of skills and methods. Precautions for curtain rods? How to install curtain rods? The introduction of these problems, I believe, will provide some necessary help for everyone in the process of installing curtains.

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