Precautions for Curtain Storefront Decoration How to Decorate Curtain Storefront

Curtains have become a must-choice for modern people’s home decoration, so curtain stores have become an important part of the home textile market. Therefore, many entrepreneurs think of opening a curtain shop, which is indeed a very good career in terms of social market. But what do you need to pay attention to in the early stage of opening a window cloth shop? Let’s take a look at the precautions in the early stage of opening a window cloth shop with the editor. The key to the success of a storefront business lies in the decoration of your entire storefront. So the precautions for curtain store decoration, how to decorate the curtain storefront? Let’s first listen to what the editor said.

Curtain shop decoration precautions:

1. Now there are two ways to open a curtain store. The first one is to rent a store, and then go to the curtain store in a big city near you to get samples. After a customer orders, call the wholesaler in the big city to send The goods are usually delivered by long-distance carts. The advantage is less investment, no pressure on goods, and less risk; the disadvantage is that it is much more expensive than the goods from the manufacturer, and the profit margin is small.

2. The second is to go to the wholesale market to buy goods by yourself after renting a store, but the wholesale market always buys in rolls, and a roll of cloth is about 60 meters to 90 meters. After opening the store, you can also find other stores to give them samples to help you sell. The advantage is that the purchase price of goods is relatively low and there is a profit; the disadvantage is that the investment is large and the risk of pressing the goods is high.

3, but the two costs are relatively more. In addition to the cost of rent and decoration, the shopkeeper also needs to ensure that the designs and styles in the store are complete, which requires the shopkeeper to pay more for the purchase; secondly, there should be a person in the shop who can make curtains, and the shopkeeper himself This will be good, if not, you can also hire a clerk, which means that you have to pay the salary of the staff. This kind of investment basically needs to be around 100,000.

4. It is necessary to do a shopping mall inquiry before opening a store. Entrepreneurs can take a look at the target market to see how many buildings are built in the local area every year, and how the local people’s living standards are. I also have to go to the store that sells curtains to learn about their service attitude, see what goods are sold in large quantities, what styles are popular, and so on. After walking around, you can determine the size of your store, the level of decoration, the type of purchase, etc.

How to decorate the curtain shop:

1. The curtain shop should give people a very beautiful and atmospheric feeling, so before the curtain shop is decorated You must first locate the decoration characteristics of your own curtain shop, and whether your curtains are mainly aimed at mid-end, low-end or customers, so that you can decorate your curtain shop to suit your own curtains brand. You must remember that what suits you is the best, don’t blindly see how others decorate and how you decorate yourself.

2. The decoration of high-end curtain stores is characterized by splendor and splendor, which makes people feel very dazzling at first sight. Gold and silver are more commonly used, and the lighting should also take these elements into consideration. Therefore, when decorating the curtain shop, gold and silver should be used skillfully for the color matching of the inside of the curtain. At the same time, the overall color of the decoration should be matched with the color and image of the curtain to make the whole look more harmonious and unique.

3. The decoration of middle and low-end curtain shops is relatively simple, not so gorgeous, but it also feels more like home. The decoration of such a curtain shop is mostly based on cost considerations, and the location may be a large shopping mall with a large flow of people. If you have the desire to buy something as soon as you enter a certain store, it means that the decoration of this store is successful.

4. The decoration of curtain shop is the same as that of other industries, so we must pay attention to the matching of decoration colors. At the same time, the curtain shop is decorated to make the whole look warm and feel like home. Of course, if it can also be decorated to give a dreamy feeling, that would be great. Of course, this is a unique effect of color matching. The editor thinks that purple is very dreamy, and it can be decorated with some purple in a small area.

I will explain so much to you today about the precautions for curtain storefront decoration and the specific knowledge about how to decorate curtain storefronts. In this regard, I would like to remind everyone that in addition to paying attention to the deployment and decoration, the size of the door of the curtain store and the placement of the counters are also exquisite. In order to promote products, some curtain stores usually arrange cargo counters at the exit of escalators. The purpose is of course to make customers see the curtains they are selling as soon as they step on the floor, so as to increase the possibility of selling curtains. The practice usually makes some customers deliberately bypass this counter and go to the surrounding counters.

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