Precautions for choosing curtains? The color matching of curtains?

Curtains are indispensable for home life. From ancient times to the present, every household will use curtains. The curtains in the past are simple, maybe just made of some leaves, but I think it is also Without losing the beauty, and later, the windows will be pasted with paper. In order to look good, people will paste window grilles on the windows, thinking to themselves, this art is really beautiful, not only for decoration, but also for cultivating sentiment in their spare time . Nowadays, there are more and more types of curtains, and of course, there are many dangers in them.

1. Precautions for choosing curtains?

1. The price of finished curtains is at least 30% lower than that of custom-made curtains. To complete the purchase of traditional custom-made curtains, you usually have to go through multiple links such as sample viewing, payment, measurement, procurement, customization, and installation. It is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also expensive. The price of a pair of finished curtains is at least 30% lower than custom-made curtains.

2. If the pattern is too fancy, the formaldehyde content may exceed the standard. In the curtain production process, many manufacturers will add resin, various dyes, auxiliaries, and finishing agents, many of which contain a certain amount of formaldehyde. Generally speaking, the more fancy patterns and brightly colored curtains, the more formaldehyde they contain. Consumers should try their best to choose light-colored curtains when purchasing.

3. Too many accessories are useless, drapes, cloth belts, lead pendants, balls, lace… all kinds of curtain accessories are dazzling. Too many accessories are difficult to take care of and maintain, and it is troublesome to disassemble and assemble. It is easy to snag and deform after washing once, which will affect its reuse.

4. Curtains can also insulate heat, control temperature and prevent ultraviolet rays. Now there is a kind of polarized curtain called Yikespin on the market. In addition to shading, it can also insulate heat and prevent ultraviolet rays. 12°C, greatly reducing the use of air conditioners. The powerful ultraviolet blocking function can filter 99.8% of ultraviolet rays, effectively protect skin health, and prolong the service life of indoor furniture.

5. The color of curtains affects emotions. Curtains are widely used in interior decoration. Studies have found that colors that are too strong, such as red, can stimulate people’s nerves, and long-term use can easily lead to emotional agitation and hyperactivity. And the color that is too deep will give people a feeling of depression, dullness and loss.

6. If there are children in the family, please be careful when buying curtains with ropes. Children are lively and active. Therefore, families with children should try to avoid buying curtains with ropes. If you must buy them, do a good job of safety protection and put the curtain ropes out of the reach of children.

Second, the color matching of curtains

Log color + white: simple

Black + white + gray: classic

Blue+White: Warmth

Blue+Orange: Modern

Natural Yellow+Green: Natural

Whether it is choosing curtains or hanging Curtains or matching curtains are very particular. In the past, people’s decoration was to paste window grilles on the windows. Now, from a visual point of view, various styles of curtains are many times more beautiful than window grilles, but they bring a lot to our lives. There are more or less dangers, so we must pay more attention when purchasing, not only to meet the visual needs, safety is also very important.

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