Living room curtains and sofa matching method and precautions

Curtains are usually placed in the living room during decoration, which not only plays a decorative role, but also plays an important role in protecting privacy. However, the choice of curtains in the living room is not random, and needs to be matched with the surrounding environment. Today, let’s talk about the introduction of the matching method and precautions of living room curtains and sofas. Let’s see together.

First of all, let’s look at the introduction of the matching method of living room curtains and sofas.

1. Pure beige curtains and coffee-colored sofas, with a thin background wall like lake water green, set off the elegant feeling. Only when you get close can you see the coordination between the curtains and the sofa, and pillows such as light yellow, stripes, and checks can also be matched. When white is at its extreme, there may be no need to use any color matching, so that the natural light shines through the clear lake water to set off the purity and beauty of the space, and the fresh and comfortable feeling is always emitted from these white and light green .

2. The simple space is decorated with pure white sofas, and the curtains with fashionable and gorgeous flower patterns add a fashionable atmosphere. The pattern of the red armchair, like abstract flowers, complements the floral pattern of the curtains.

3. The gray European-style sofa has a noble feeling, but the fashionable living room needs more approachable gentleness and kindness, so gray and lavender are added to form a gentle, mysterious, elegant and unique living room space. Putting a small plant in a pot makes this living room different.

4. Off-white two-person sofa, matched with light linen curtains like lake green, sets off the elegant feeling. Only when you get close can you see the lake green of the curtains, light green, light yellow, stripes, plaid and other pillows can also be matched.

5. The combination of light yellow living room curtains and pure white sofa makes the original monotonous room look brighter. The simple shape always makes us feel comfortable in an environment. The bright yellow fabric curtains are matched with Southeast Asian-style patterns to show fashion by mixing and matching.

Let’s look at the introduction to the matters needing attention in the matching of living room curtains and sofas.

In the matching of curtains and sofas in the living room, attention should be paid to the coordination of tones, either blending into one, or mixing and colliding to make the mood more comfortable, and the matching is successful.

Through the above introduction, we can see that the matching of curtains and sofas in the living room should either be coordinated, complement each other, or set off a contrast. In this way, the matching of the living room is relatively Okay, friends in need are welcome to learn from it.

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