Living room curtain selection strategy, With these matching skills, the living room is no longer cold!

The living room is one of the most important places in the home. We must pay more attention to it when decorating. If the living room is not well decorated, it may affect a lot. At this time, the method to improve the quality of the living room There is one. The choice of living room curtains is also very important. A good curtain can add more colors to the living room. Do you know how to choose the curtains for the living room? Let’s take a look at the selection strategy of living room curtains and curtain purchasing skills .

The role of living room curtains

1. Curtains are a piece of furniture for the family A very large decor, especially a home with white walls, needs a nice curtain to set it off.

2. Shading is also a function of curtains, which can block the glare of the sun from entering the room in hot summer.

3. Curtains can also be used to block noise. Choosing curtains of appropriate thickness can isolate outside noise and improve the sound environment of the home.

4. The most important function is to protect personal privacy.

Precautions for living room curtains

1. The curtains are soft, but due to The relatively large area has a great influence on the interior, so the color should not be too fancy. Generally, the bright style is the main style, and you should choose according to your own needs.

2. Choose according to the style of your family, choose the corresponding pattern and color, and pay attention to the selection of furniture, otherwise there will be a sense of clutter with inconsistent overall style.

3. The choice of material is also very important. If you want to match the luxurious style, it is a good choice to choose some noble silk fabrics for the curtains. If you want to feel cooler in summer, you can choose light and thin ones. sheer curtain.

4. No matter what style of curtains you choose, you must master the principle of bright and simple elegance, pay attention to the coordination with the whole living room, and add elements such as lighting style to increase the overall sense of unity.

What color curtains should be avoided in the living room

1. The tones of the walls and furniture are similar. If the walls are toned in yellow, then the curtains should not choose beige, apricot and other colors. Otherwise, if you stay indoors for a long time, you will inevitably feel “dizzy” psychologically, which will make people feel bored.

2. Do not use pink curtains in the living room. Many people like to use pink curtains to create a romantic atmosphere. In fact, pink curtains are not suitable for the living room, because pink represents peach blossoms in the home. If you are a happy family, don’t choose pink curtains, so as not to attract random peach blossoms and destroy the relationship between husband and wife.

3. If the north-facing living room is dark, you should choose neutral and cold curtains, which are full of emotional appeal. If it is a sunny room with better lighting, you can choose a slightly brighter color to coordinate yin and yang.

4. The curtains in the living room should not only pay attention to the color, but also pay attention to the pattern. Do not use alternative patterns for the curtains in the living room, such as skulls and dolls with weird shapes. affect the health of the host.

5. The colors of the curtains and the ground should be matched reasonably, try to avoid the color matching of red and green, red and blue, yellow and purple, so as to avoid bad psychological feelings.

How to choose living room curtains

1. Selection principle strong>

Curtains are not only household items used to block the sun, but also good decorative items, so be sure to choose curtains with good-looking styles and rich patterns. However, the curtains in the living room should also be selected according to the decoration style, and it is more beautiful to maintain a consistent style.

2. Color selection

The color of the curtains can be selected according to the decoration style of the home. A solemn, atmospheric feeling. In the modern minimalist style, light-toned curtains can be used as the main color, which adds light and makes the interior decoration more fashionable.

3. Material selection

The curtain material is very important. Usually in summer, most families will choose curtains made of soft fabrics, which can create a cool atmosphere. atmosphere; in winter, on the contrary, choose thick and heavy fabrics, which can play the role of sound insulation and heat preservation.

What color curtains are good for the living room?

The ones hanging in the hall of the living room are White curtains, white is the purest color, it does not contain a trace of impurities, it brings people a feeling of relaxation and joy, it looks so generous, graceful and elegant. The white curtains can let the sunlight pass through very well, giving people a hazy feeling. The disadvantage is that it is easy to get dirty, but white curtains are indeed one of the best curtains, no matter whether the walls of the living room are white or wallpapers of various colors, they can be matched with a good decorative effect.

In the hall with modern style, the homeowner chooses gray curtains. Curtains of this color are suitable for halls with a relatively small space. They have good shading properties and can protect the privacy of the owner very well , Others can’t see the indoor situation at all through the curtains. If you are a person who likes simplicity and low-key, you can also choose gray curtains, which can make you more low-key.

In the European-style hall, the homeowner uses coffee-colored curtains. The curtains of this color can filter the ultraviolet rays in the sun very well. When the strong sunlight passes through it, only mild silk remains. A little bit of sunshine makes the whole room bright, and the effect of brown curtains with wallpaper will be better.

Purple is a color that girls love very much. It exudes a romantic and noble temperament, which makes people feel very mysterious. The newly renovated hall can choose purple curtains, which can enhance the temperament of the living room and look romantic and elegant. If the interior decoration effect is old, it is not suitable to use purple curtains. Purple curtains require very good materials and look smooth, otherwise the effect will be greatly reduced.

A good curtain can improve the grade of the living room and make the whole living room more warm. If you want your living room to be warm and comfortable, you must choose a curtain that is very suitable for your living room, but when purchasing Be sure to pay attention to the selection details. If you don’t choose well, it will make the overall environment of the home worse. You must keep in mind the selection strategy of living room curtains and curtain purchase skills.

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