New house decoration, do you still need to pay attention to the curtains in the living room? It turns out that these colors really bring good luck!

The living room is the face of a family. Many people put all their attention on the decoration of the living room, but the curtains are a place that people ignore. Know how to choose curtains, what kind of curtains can not only bring a beautiful effect to the living room, but also bring good benefits to the home people, new house decoration, the curtains in the living room should be paid attention to? It turns out that these colors really bring good luck!

What are the key points in choosing the color of the curtains in the living room?

1. White curtains

White gives people a clean, neat and generous feeling. White curtains are indeed one of the best curtains.

2. Purple curtain

Purple has romantic, noble, elegant and mysterious temperament. Not all living rooms are suitable. If your living room has a good decoration effect, you can directly choose purple curtains.

3. Chocolate curtains

Chocolate has a noble temperament. It will be better to match the wallpaper. If the wall is white, the decorative effect is not so ideal.

4. Gray curtains

Grey feels dirty and tasteless. It is suitable for a small living room and has a good shielding effect. If you are a person who likes simplicity and low-key, you can choose gray curtains.

5. Brown

Coffee has a noble temperament. Nice decor, sun filtering, would be better with wallpaper, maybe not so ideal if window surrounds are white.

The color of the curtains in the living room is taboo

1. Curtains and walls, furniture as much as possible Avoid similar tones, the walls are yellowish, and the curtains are beige and apricot yellow; for the light lake-colored walls, medium green curtains are used, and the colors are uniform, giving people a cold feeling.

2. For a dark north-facing room, neutral and cooler tones are suitable; choose millet red or yellow curtains to adjust the strong light into soft astigmatism to coordinate yin and yang.

3. Try not to use pink as much as possible, and quarrels will inevitably happen frequently.

4. Avoid red and green, blue and orange, red and blue, yellow and purple color matching between curtains and the ground.

5. Trendy and alternative patterns appear on the curtains, which means unlucky in the world. For example, strange shapes and ferocious animals, etc., should be avoided, especially the old people’s room and children’s room.

6. Numerology like wood, choose green and wooden curtains. Numerology like fire, choose red, purple, man-made fiber curtains. If you like earth, choose yellow and khaki-colored Roman blinds; if you like gold, choose white metal curtains; if you like water, use blue or black water curtains.

How to choose the living room curtains?

1. General principles

As a soft decoration, curtains play an extraordinary role. The style should be solemn, and the color should not be too flowery. Curtain styles are becoming more and more abundant. As long as you grasp the principles of curtains, it is not difficult to find suitable curtains.

2. Color selection

According to the decoration style, choose the corresponding color. For example: dark curtains give people a solemn and atmospheric visual effect; light-colored fabrics are better, which can create a fresh, comfortable, simple and warm feeling. The curtain color can be selected to match the sofa. For example: a white Italian sofa, might as well use pink or green fabrics.

3. Material selection

If you want to create a cool home environment in summer, it is recommended to use soft fabrics; if you want to create a luxurious and atmospheric home environment, it is recommended to use silk fabrics , Different materials have their own advantages.

4. Design and color pattern

The design and color should be coordinated with the living room, which can be determined according to the overall decoration style of the living room.

Precautions for purchasing living room curtains

1. Choose according to the seating direction of the living room : East-facing windows give people a sense of warmth. You can choose organ curtains and silky curtains with strong light transmission. For south-facing and west-sloping windows, where the light is hot, you should choose vertical curtains, organ curtains or pleated curtains with light-shielding functions. North-facing windows, the light is not good, you can choose light-colored curtains to expand the space.

2. No matter what pattern of curtains you choose, you should master the principles of clarity and elegance. Pay attention to the coordination with the interior, and combine lighting and other elements to enhance the overall sense of cohesion.

3. Bright colors will make a small space appear larger. The color should be matched properly, if the color is too mixed, it will give people a messy feeling.

The above is the relevant knowledge about the selection of living room curtains. I will introduce it to you here. I hope everyone can choose beautiful curtains to decorate their living room. I also hope that what I have summarized can help you.

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