Is the curtain rod better or the slideway better? Precautions for choosing curtain rod and slideway?

In the decoration of new houses in modern society, many people want to decorate their homes warmly, and pay more attention to details. For example, when dealing with curtains, you will be entangled in choosing to install curtain rods or curtain slides. Because both installation methods have their advantages and disadvantages, is the curtain rod or the slideway better? Now let’s analyze the curtain rod or the slideway? What should be paid attention to when choosing curtain rods and slideways?

  Curtain rod or slide?

  Well the slides are good. Many people don’t know how to answer. It can be said that radishes and vegetables have their own preferences.

 But in fact, these two materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the important decision criterion depends on the size of the window. If it is a curtain with a small space, it is better to use a curtain slide, because this kind of curtain usually only needs to be pulled gently by hand. However, it is better to use curtain rods for large windows or floor-to-ceiling windows, because it can visually present a grand and beautiful impression, and because the production of large curtain fabrics is heavy and heavy, most of them are operated by pull ropes, and curtain rods can also be used at ease. .

 Precautions for choosing curtain rods and slides?

  After we have selected the materials, we need to consider some matters that they need to pay attention to , a comparison can be made between the two.

Precautions for purchasing curtain rods:

1. Curtain rod material: The material must be strong and durable. Surveys show that products made of plastic as the main material are prone to aging, discoloration, brittleness, etc., but its style and color variability will be more than other materials. Wooden products are easy to attract insects to live in and destroy them. If you hang thick and heavy curtain fabrics for a long time, it will be easy to bend and the curtain will not be smooth when you pull the curtains, but its decorative effect is relatively high-end and noble.

2. Wall thickness of curtain rods: Many manufacturers who are greedy for small profits will play tricks on materials to achieve the purpose of cutting corners. The thinner the wall thickness of the pole, the smaller the load-bearing capacity of the pole, and accidents are prone to occur during use.

   Precautions for purchasing curtain slides:

 1. Light: When the window is opened and closed, pay attention to the tone of the pulling sound, which can be judged initially The quality of the window tracks. Usually good quality plastic steel window rails only make a sound of about 43 decibels when pulled, just like the sound of a split air conditioner when it is working. In comparison, a poor quality product will pull louder and have a shorter service life.

 2. Sliding: The fluency of the window rail when pulling the curtain and the load-bearing capacity of the slide rail are important criteria for judging. Usually, the maximum load-bearing capacity of the pulleys of good-quality plastic-steel window rails is 48 kilograms, so when the load is greater than 5 kilograms, each pull can still be very smooth.

The above is the editor’s detailed introduction to the curtain rod or the slideway? The precautions for choosing the curtain rod and the slideway are introduced in detail. The ability to decide what is right for your family.

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