What material is good for living room curtains? How to choose living room curtains?

In modern society, we are in an era of pursuing taste. Everyone has higher and higher requirements for products, which can be reflected in the small details in life. We all know that the living room is a decoration. One place is more important, so no matter which place the material should be selected with reference to the overall style, today I will introduce to you what material is good for living room curtains and how to choose living room curtains.

 What material is good for living room curtains?

 There are mainly four types of living room curtains on the market.

 1 Cotton material

 Cotton is mainly what we call cotton in daily life. If the color is different, there will be a certain shrinkage phenomenon after washing, and the elasticity and resistance will be poorer.

 2 Hemp material

  Hemp is mainly a plant fiber extracted from plants, which is similar to cotton in texture, but the surface of hemp is relatively flat. High elasticity, strong moisture absorption and heat dissipation.

 3 silk material

 The main feature of curtains made of this material is gorgeousness and good gloss effect. Dear. The silk itself is relatively thin and elegant, and the color is soft. Because it is made of natural silk, the price is relatively expensive, but the decorative effect it brings is really good.

 4 Artificial fiber fabric material

 This type of fabric is made by artificially combining different molecular fibers with different materials. The elasticity and toughness are relatively good, wrinkle-free and durable, and it is not easy to shrink after washing. This kind of curtain is more fashionable, rich in color and has a reflective effect, which is good

 How to choose living room curtains?

 When choosing living room curtains, we can consider the following four aspects.

 1 First of all, the overall effect of the room should be considered. Generally speaking, curtains made of thin fabrics such as thin cotton cloth, nylon silk, thin gauze, mesh cloth, etc. can not only pass through a certain degree of natural light, but also give people a sense of privacy and security in the daytime room. sense.

 2 Secondly, the color and pattern of the curtains should be considered. The design and color of the fabric should be coordinated with the living room and determined according to the environment and season of the area. It is advisable to choose fabrics with cool colors in summer, fabrics with warm colors in winter, and fabrics with neutral colors in spring and autumn.

 3 Finally, from the perspective of overall coordination of the room, you should consider Whether it is coordinated with the color of walls, furniture, floors, etc.

 The above is the editor’s introduction to you about what material is good for the living room curtains and how to choose the living room curtains. I hope it can play a certain role for friends who are about to buy curtains Oh help, give your home a curtain that suits your style and makes everyone feel comfortable.

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