Introduction to attic skylight curtains, what kinds of attic skylight curtains are there?

The attic skylight curtain is a must-have household item after the attic skylight is installed. It can effectively adjust the indoor light and act as a shield to protect the privacy of the owner. In terms of material or appearance, there are wide options. The choice of attic skylight curtains should not only conform to the overall decoration style of the attic, but also have the characteristics of convenience and flexibility, easy to disassemble and easy to clean. So, what kinds of attic skylight curtains are there?  

1. Introduction to attic skylight curtains 

Attic skylights can effectively help indoor lighting and ventilation , but it is also important to install attic skylight curtains. It can be used when the indoor light needs to be adjusted. Before the attic skylight curtains are installed, the line should be drawn and positioned. The accuracy is related to the success or failure of the attic skylight curtain installation. First, measure the fixed hole distance , and the size of the required installation track, which is convenient for preparation before construction. There are also many types of attic skylight curtains, which can be selected for different types of decoration styles. Attic skylight curtains have their own advantages.  

Second, what kinds of attic skylight curtains are there? 

1. Indoor full blackout curtains are commonly used for attic skylight curtains? , GPU, GZL, GHA, can achieve 100% shading, effectively block 65% of heat from entering, suitable for families with attics as bedrooms. Many consumers now prefer composite attic skylight curtains, which are suitable for GHL, GGL, GGU, GPU, GZL, GHA, and have dual functions of blackout curtains and pleated curtains. Good decorative effect.  

2. Attic skylight curtains and indoor organ curtains FHL, suitable for GHL, GGL, GGU, GPU, GZL, GHA, excellent heat insulation effect, can soften the light, and make the whole home appear Cozy effect. Outdoor canopy attic skylight curtain MHL is also a good choice, suitable for GHL, GGL, GGU, GPU, GZL, with a light transmittance of 34% and effectively blocks 62% of heat from entering. You can also choose to install intelligent attic skylight curtains, which are more flexible and user-friendly to control.  

3. Indoor roller curtain RHL is a relatively common attic skylight curtain model, suitable for GHL, GGL, GGU, GPU, GZL, GHA, the light transmittance is about 2%-12%, It can effectively block 40%-45% of heat from entering. Indoor screen window ZIL is also a kind of attic skylight curtain, suitable for GHL, GGL, GGU, GPU, GZL, GHA, because it can effectively prevent mosquitoes from entering, light and breathable, and convenient for daily disassembly and cleaning, so it is also a kind that consumers often choose Attic skylight drapes.  

Different attic skylight curtains have different characteristics and have different sunshade effects. When choosing attic skylight curtains, you can choose according to the regional characteristics and the decoration style of the attic. Attic skylight curtains suitable for you, attic skylight curtains are of great significance for adjusting indoor light and protecting the privacy of owners, you can choose according to your circumstances.

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