Balcony window decoration? Do I need to install curtains on the balcony?

The balcony generally has a window, and it is very necessary to install windows, but many people don’t know much about window decoration, so when we decorate, There will be such and such problems, which is also a very headache. Next, let’s talk about the decoration of balcony windows? Do I need to install curtains on the balcony? Friends who are interested, take a look together, and you can learn more if you have time.

Balcony window decoration

1. Measure the size and use aluminum alloy When installing windows, the size of the closed surface of the balcony should be accurately measured before sealing the balcony, and the window frame and glass should be processed and manufactured outside the construction site according to the size, and delivered to the construction site. Before installation, it should be checked whether the size of the window is consistent with the size of the opening of the sealed balcony.

2. The fixed bracket is fixed with a fixed piece. The base layer of the balcony opening should be cleaned before the window is installed. Bolts or plastic dowels to secure the form. When installing the window, the window should be seated firmly at the hole first, its position fixed, and fixed with screws and plastic expansion pins.

3. Check whether it is installed correctly. After the window frame is connected with the window opening, you should check whether the window is installed correctly. If the window is not installed correctly, the window may become more and more crooked after a period of use. If it is a regular rectangular window, you can directly measure the diagonals of the window (lower left corner and upper right corner, upper left corner and lower right corner), and the length of the two lines must be the same; A bubble in the middle indicates that the window is straight; if it is a sloped window, a drop hammer will be required.

4. Apply styrofoam. After the window is adjusted, you need to use styrofoam to fill the gap between the window frame and the wall. After the styrofoam is cured (generally it takes 2-3 hours, and it takes longer in winter), cut off the excess styrofoam.

5. Install the window sashes and other accessories. After fixing the window frame, the next step is to install the window sashes and other accessories. Be careful when installing.

Does the balcony need to install curtains?

1. The enclosed balcony should be installed curtain. If you enclose the balcony and make a sun room, it is still necessary to install curtains. Although the sun room needs sunlight, people sitting there, especially in summer, have curtains that can not only improve privacy, but also prevent heatstroke and cool down. If you use the balcony as a home space, it is still necessary to install curtains.

2. If the living room is directly connected to the balcony, and the living room area is relatively small, you can choose not to install glass doors between the living room and the balcony, but install the curtains on the balcony to improve the use of the living room area. The key point is to look at the function of the enclosed balcony. If some families use it as a leisure space or a sauna room, then the installation of curtains is not only necessary, but also needs to increase its privacy according to this function.

3. Do not install curtains on the living balcony. Living balconies are mainly used for ventilation and drying clothes, so there is no need to install them, because from the feedback of many families, the use of balcony curtains is very small. If electrical appliances such as washing machines need to be placed on the balcony, you can consider purchasing a sunshade cloth that is more coordinated with the overall decoration color, which is more economical and can effectively protect electrical appliances. Whether the balcony is equipped with curtains or not depends on the function of the balcony in home life, and cannot be generalized.

All the above knowledge about balcony window decoration, do you need to install curtains on the balcony? Through the above introduction, everyone has some understanding of balcony window decoration. As for the balcony, do you need to install curtains? The answer is yes, because at night, there must be a curtain, which is an indispensable material, everyone should be cautious, if you still want to know more about it, you can continue to pay attention to our website.

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