How to measure the size of custom curtains? Precautions for custom curtains?

In addition to customizing furniture, you can also order curtains, clothes, etc., because there are many finished products on the market that people don’t like, but these things must have , So, there is a way of customization, then, if you want to order curtains, how to measure the size, because the size is very important, so you must know, secondly, what are the precautions for ordering curtains.

How to measure the size of custom-made curtains?

How to measure the size of the curtains, if it is a small window and there is space on both sides, add about 20-30cm to the actual width of the window on both sides. The living room or room has large windows, and if you want to make curtains based on the entire wall, you can directly measure the width of the room. As for the height, generally the curtain track is installed on the top more firmly, so the height of the window should be measured from the roof or the top of the curtain box.

If it is a floor-to-ceiling window, it needs to be measured from the top to the ground, which is the actual height of the room minus 5-10 cm, which is the height of the curtain. For bay windows, you only need to directly measure the inner height of the window and subtract 2-5 cm. The size of the waist-length window should refer to the selected curtain fabric, because different fabrics have a certain influence on the effect of the curtain. Generally, half-cut curtains require that the height of the curtain be 20cm-30cm higher than that of the window, that is, measure from the top of the ceiling or the top of the curtain box to a position 20-30cm shorter than the lower edge of the window.

Precautions for custom-made curtains?

1. Purpose: To order curtains, you must first clarify your purpose, and see if you need strong decorative effects or strong practicality. Shop around: the same product, different sellers have different prices, in order to avoid being cheated by the merchants, it is better to go to a few more. Number of layers: If it is for home use, it is recommended that you buy two layers, pull the gauze curtain during the day, and pull the thick one at night, which is easy and convenient.

2. Area: Different areas have different requirements for curtains. If it is in the bathroom and kitchen, roller blinds are used. If it is in the living room and bedroom, it is semi-shading and decorative. Curtain cleaning: Thick shading material has a good confidentiality effect, but it is very troublesome to clean, so choose a material that is both shading and light. Color: The decorative effect of curtains cannot be ignored. When choosing, give more consideration to the color matching with the walls and furniture.

3. Curtain accessories: How can a complete set of custom-made curtains be without curtain accessories. Usually, the Roman rod for custom-made curtains is about 10-40 yuan; the slide rail is about 6-30 yuan. Fabric price: Different window types have different requirements for curtain materials, so determine the required fabric size and price.

The steps of how to measure the custom curtains have already told you. If it is a small window, there must be space on both sides when measuring the size. If it is a large window, the curtain should be made according to the entire wall , And, I told you the detailed precautions for customizing curtains. First of all, we need to clarify our purpose and see if we want to choose the one with strong effect or strong practicability.

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