Traditional curtains are OUT, fashion owners choose this kind of curtains!

Now more and more people choose to use blackout curtains. Compared with ordinary curtains, blackout curtains have more advantages and have a good blackout effect. Let me introduce you to the related blackout curtains Knowledge so that you can choose to use blackout curtains.

One, the advantages of blackout curtains

This This kind of special shading cloth is added with some things like this umbrella, so the effect of shading is very good, especially the effect of shading ultraviolet rays is very good, and it can be very effective in shading ultraviolet rays. For It is very useful in cities with severe air pollution right now. Blackout curtains are sold in our various curtain cities, which is a better way to install curtains.

Second, the form of blackout curtains

There are two types of blackout curtains, cloth curtain type, easy to fold, use Velcro, will be selected The curtains and blackout cloth in one. Roller blind type, the blackout cloth can be processed directly to make a roller blind, and the effect of blocking ultraviolet rays is very good.

Third, the material of blackout curtains

1, a front is gray cloth, the back It is PVC coating. The price is about 10 yuan/meter, but the environmental protection performance is poor.

2. The second is to add PVC cloth on the grid-like gray cloth, and the back is also coated. It feels like it is made of plastic. It is thicker than the previous one and has a good shading effect. The disadvantage is that it is relatively brittle.

3. The third type is the blended fabric of linen and cotton, which is relatively heavy in itself and has a good drape. It can be directly made into curtains. It has good environmental protection performance, but the color is single. The price of shade cloth ranges from more than ten yuan per meter to hundreds of yuan per meter.

Fourth, the PVC material roller blind has a good effect on blocking the sun’s ultraviolet rays

The high-quality roller blind can block the sun’s ultraviolet rays, sound insulation, safety, and convenience. . It is generally divided into two types: manual and automatic. If necessary, it can also be used with manual locks. As long as you lock the inside, the curtain will be difficult to open from the outside; Yes, it can play a very good sound insulation effect. Although it cannot achieve sound insulation, it can solve many problems; from the perspective of sunshade, roller blinds are not as effective as heavy cloth curtains. But if it is a roller blind made of PVC material, its anti-ultraviolet effect is also very good.

Five, how to choose blackout curtains

First of all, it should be understood that curtains are not equal to Blackout cloth, the curtain itself does not have a shading effect, unless it is a particularly thick curtain, it may have a shading effect. The main function of the shading cloth is to prevent sunlight and protect the floor. Blackout cloth has the effect of blocking strong light and ultraviolet rays. Some curtains are made of blackout cloth, so they have the function of shading, but not all curtains have the function of shading.

The easiest way to choose a blackout cloth with good effect is to choose it against the light. The main function of shading cloth is to block sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Therefore, the light transmittance is the most important standard to measure the quality of shading cloth. When purchasing a shade cloth, face the shade cloth to the light. A good quality shade cloth will not transmit light, and a slightly inferior quality shade cloth may have faint light coming through. Generally speaking, the quality of the thicker shade cloth is better, otherwise the quality is worse.

6. Blackout Cloth Brand

1. Tengchuan · Cloth Tiger

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Zhejiang Tengchuan Home Furnishing Development Co., Ltd., Tengchuan · Cloth Tiger, one of the top ten brands of curtain fabrics, is a brand enterprise that integrates home soft decoration design and development, craft production, marketing services, and warehousing logistics. . It owns two brands of Tengchuan cloth tiger curtains, imitation silk blackout fabric curtains, and CHR soft design. It is one of the most popular brands in the high-end home furnishing market in major cities. In terms of market positioning and product promotion, Zhejiang Tengchuan has gathered elite talents in the four major fields of marketing and brand planning, product design, high-end customization, and channel services. It is good at grasping industry trends and is an enterprise certified by “CQC Ecological Textiles” for environmental protection. , creating the brand’s unique competitive advantage of product environmental protection systemization, establishing the leading position in the industry competition, and being welcomed by end consumers.

2. Wenxiang

Wenxiang Holding Group Co., Ltd., top ten brands of curtain fabrics and imitation silk blackout fabric curtains, vice president unit of China Knitting Industry Association Warp Knitting Branch, set A high-tech export-oriented enterprise integrating warp knitting/embroidery/home textiles/apparel. The group consists of five major sectors: home textiles, knitted apparel, machinery and yacht manufacturing, real estate, and investment and trade. The group has been rated as “Zhejiang Famous Company”, “Zhejiang Growth Enterprise”, “China Warp Knitting Enterprise Innovation Enterprise”, “Vice President Unit of China Knitting Industry Association Warp Knitting Branch” and “Shaoxing City quality four-star management enterprise, “Drafting Unit of “Warp Knitting Fabrics for Curtains” Industry Standard”, “National Torch Program Project Unit” and many other honors.

3. Zhongwang

Zhongwang Holding Group Co., Ltd., one of the top ten brands of curtain fabrics, and an advanced enterprise in technological transformation in Hangzhou. The company produces all kinds of medium and high-grade home textile fabrics and engineering fabrics, as well as special chemical fiber raw materials, bedding, curtains, imitation silk blackout fabric curtains and sofa covers. In line with the purpose of “decorating the world with cloth art and influencing the world”.

The above is some knowledge about the use of blackout curtains introduced to you. I hope these contents will be helpful for you to choose blackout curtains.

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