How to match curtains with American decoration? What color is good for American decoration curtains?

There are many decoration styles, and American decoration is the most popular one at present, so how to match American decoration with curtains has become a topic that people pay more attention to. When matching curtains, you must Choose according to the overall decoration style. Therefore, you need to know what color is good for American-style decoration curtains. There are many colors for American-style decoration, and you should choose according to the overall color.

How to match curtains in American decoration?

1. The color of the general curtains can be selected according to the different functions of the room. The bedroom curtains can choose dark curtains with light-proof effect, which can not only protect the privacy of the home owner, Also help sleep. There are several principles for choosing the color of bedroom curtains here. The color of the curtains should be coordinated with the color of the bedroom furniture. The color of the second curtains should be in line with the personal preference of the home owner and help sleep. For example, the combination of black and red can relieve insomnia.

2. Compared with the privacy of the bedroom, the essential function of the openness of the living room is not as strict as the requirements of the bedroom curtains. The choice of living room curtains is more to make some decorations for home decoration. In modern-style decoration, the color and style of the curtains in the living room should match the fabric sofa in the living room, and linen or polyester-cotton fabrics should be used.

What color is the best color for American decoration curtains?

1. When we choose curtains, it depends on the type of room you are decorating. Choose your favorite curtains according to the style of your own arrangement, as long as they can be in harmony with the room You can dress up in any way. Integrating Baroque, Palladian, British neoclassical and other decorative styles, it forms the characteristics of symmetry, exquisiteness, elegance and beauty. The American style mostly uses decorative elements such as golden eagles, crossed swords, stars, ears of wheat, festoons, etc., showing a unique charm in the decoration of tin-lead alloy candlesticks, geometric pattern carpets, and carved side cabinets.

2. In general, the reference targets for selecting curtain fabrics are wall color, floor color, sofa and furniture color. The color of the curtain rod can refer to the color of the window cover or door cover. However, we suggest that under the condition of cost performance, curtain rods should be safe and practical. If the budget allows, it would be better to choose the curtains according to the feeling of the curtains. For example, for pastoral-style calico, Roman rods with rattan heads are more attractive for curtain rods. Judging from the current trend of home decoration, apricot, yellow, milk coffee, natural white and milk white are all popular colors.

The above explains how to match curtains with American decoration, and also tells what color is good for American decoration curtains. In fact, there are many factors that affect the selection of curtains. In general, non-professionals choose curtains It is easy to get into a misunderstanding when it comes to furniture, so be sure to consult professional decoration personnel and sales personnel to choose a curtain with a better color.

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