How to match bedroom curtains? How to choose bedroom curtains?

The bedroom is where we rest and sleep every day, so the decoration of the bedroom must have a good atmosphere, so that we can fall asleep quickly and relieve the pressure of work. Bedroom curtains are indispensable. Curtains Not only can it block the sunlight, but it can also resist the noise from the outside world, so everyone knows something about bedroom curtains. Let’s introduce how to match bedroom curtains and how to choose bedroom curtains.

1. How to match bedroom curtains

1. Pay attention to the color matching of bedroom balcony curtains

The color selection of bedroom curtains should be based on the overall color tone of the room, or use the same (similar) color system, and use depth to separate layers to create a harmonious atmosphere. Quiet home atmosphere; or use different color combinations to form a jumping rhythm through the matching of fabric products (bedcovers, sofas, tablecloths, etc.), and make the room lively through the rhythm of colors; large areas of contrasting colors can also be used , especially the rendering and combination of the patterns on the curtains, publicizing modern life and sweeping away the gloomy atmosphere in the room.

2. The bedroom balcony curtains are carefully matched with materials

There are two layers of curtains in the bedroom, and the outer layer is made of thicker cotton fabric to block light, dust and Noise, to create a good rest environment, the inner layer can be made of transparent or translucent materials such as tulle and lace, which is mainly used to create a romantic atmosphere.

3. The bedroom balcony curtains should be matched with a unified style

The color and style of the curtains are inextricably linked to the main style of the home. The main requirement for curtain selection is to be unified with the main style of the room. The material, color and style of curtains must match the overall style of the room. In this regard, you need to ask for advice in order to make the curtains and the design style of the living room match each other.

4. Bedroom balcony curtains are matched with exquisite wall decoration

For most bedrooms, curtains are wall decorations. Especially for the “four white floor” simple decoration room, except for some picture frames, the only decoration on the wall may be curtains. Therefore, the style of curtains often plays a decisive role in the entire interior space; for a hardcover room, curtains that echo the decoration will make the room present a unified style and better reflect the home atmosphere.

5. The size measurement of bedroom and balcony curtains

The reasonable measurement method when people buy curtains should be: measure the width and height of the windows in the home, such as there are curtain boxes above the windows, The measured width and height should be measured from the inside of the curtain box; if there is a window frame around the window, the window size should be measured from the outer edge of the window frame. A basic rule of thumb is to measure from the curtain rod and factor in the length of the hook, not from the top edge of the window. The length of the curtains should exceed the window sill, and the specific length should refer to the overall style of the room. Generally speaking, curtains that grow to the ground can make the space look more formal, and can also highlight the presence of a small window in this space.

Second, how to choose bedroom curtains

1. Choose fabrics according to the people who live

The choice of fabric mainly considers the sound insulation effect and the ease of care. Pay attention to the curtains in the elderly room. Since the sleep quality of the elderly is not very good, the sound insulation and light blocking effects of the curtains should be considered when choosing the curtain type. Generally speaking, the thicker the curtains, the better the sound insulation effect. The material is cotton and linen, which is easy to clean and take care of.

2. Choose the size of the style according to the actual situation

The choice of curtain size and style is also a problem that many people will pay attention to. When you actually choose, you must pay attention to it. You can choose the style and size according to the actual size of the windows in your home and your own hobbies and living habits. In this way, it can have a better effect of shading and decoration.

3. Choose colors according to different users

The atmosphere of the space will also be different. If it is a bedroom for the elderly, the color of the curtains should not be too flowery. Try to choose elegant neutral tones. In line with the peace of mind of the elderly. For the bedroom of young people, you can choose some fresh, natural and lively colors, which meet the age and aesthetic needs of young people, but it is not suitable to choose curtain colors with too strong colors. A peaceful and comfortable space is the ideal effect of the bedroom.

The above is all the knowledge about how to match bedroom curtains and how to choose bedroom curtains introduced to you today, I hope it can help you. The matching of bedroom curtains is very important, so don’t choose bedroom curtains at will.

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