How to match bedroom balcony curtains? How to choose bedroom balcony curtains?

In today’s society, everyone pays attention to the decoration style. Everyone knows that it is not easy to buy a house, so they attach great importance to the decoration of the house, including a small detail. Today I am here What I want to introduce is the matching skills of bedroom balcony curtains and how to choose bedroom balcony curtains? You can read what I wrote below.

 How to match bedroom balcony curtains?

 Now Many people like that the bedroom has a balcony. They feel that this can not only effectively expand the bedroom area, but also increase the lighting and ventilation of the bedroom. But considering the privacy of the bedroom, it has to be decorated with curtains.

1. The bedroom balcony curtains should be carefully matched with the material used

 The curtains in the bedroom should have two layers, and the outer layer should be made of thicker linen and cotton fabric to cover Light, dust and noise can create a good rest environment. The inner layer can be made of transparent or translucent materials such as tulle and lace, which are mainly used to create a romantic atmosphere.

2. The bedroom balcony curtains should be matched with a unified style

 The color and style of the curtains are inextricably linked with the main style of the home. The main requirement for curtain selection is to be unified with the main style of the room. The material, color and style of the curtains must match the overall style of the room.

3. Bedroom balcony curtains are matched with exquisite wall decoration

  For most living rooms, curtains are a large decoration on the wall. It is a “four white floor” simple decoration room, except for some picture frames, maybe the only decoration on the wall is the curtains. Therefore, the style of curtains often plays a decisive role in the entire interior space.

4. The color matching of bedroom balcony curtains should be exquisite

 The color selection of bedroom curtains should be based on the overall color tone of the room, or use the same (similar) color system, Divide layers with depth to create a harmonious and quiet home atmosphere; or use different color combinations to form a sense of jumping rhythm through the matching of fabric products (bedcovers, sofas, tablecloths, etc.), and make the room alive through the rhythm of colors It can also use large areas of contrasting colors, especially the rendering and combination of patterns on the curtains, to publicize modern life and sweep away the gloomy atmosphere in the room.

 How to choose bedroom balcony curtains?

 Everyone wants to go home after a busy day. Curtains are an indispensable part of home life. They not only decorate our bedrooms, but also can block sunlight and so on. Overall it is important to choose bedroom curtains.

 1. Color

 Generally speaking, the color in the bedroom will affect our sleep quality. Therefore, you can choose a smooth color, which can make the room look more elegant, and we can look more comfortable. Of course, the age of living will also be different. For the bedroom of the elderly, it is suitable to choose solemn and elegant colors. be more cheerful.

 2. Shading effect

 If we want to have a comfortable lunch break during the day, strong light will also affect the rest. For the problem of light, choose curtains with good shading effect, which can block a certain amount of sunlight. It is recommended to choose curtains made of cotton or flocking, which have a stronger sense of shading.

 3. Anti-noise

 The key point is to choose curtains with sound-absorbing effect. . Generally speaking, the thicker the curtain, the more sound it absorbs, and the bedroom curtain with good texture can reduce the external noise by about 15%.

 The above is the editor’s matching skills for bedroom balcony curtains? How to choose the introduction of bedroom balcony curtains, I hope you can refer to the above editorial to make the curtains of your own home beautifully decorated, and I am very satisfied.

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