How to install bay window curtains to look good, how to make bay window curtains look good?

Nowadays, many people like houses with bay windows. This kind of house is not only full of light, but also the bay windows can make the family look warm and romantic, but many people But don’t know how to install bay window curtains to look good? For this question, let’s take a look at the following article!

Floating How to install window curtains to look good?

1. Install ceiling slides inside the bay window

Advantages: easy installation and good shading.

Disadvantage: Only half-length curtains can be installed, and the decorative effect of curtains cannot be fully reflected.

2. Install slide rails along the bay window indoors

Advantages: It can be installed with 2.8M large curtains, which plays an excellent decoration role.

Disadvantage: Affected by the orientation of the indoor plaster line, the curtain slide rail cannot be attached to the wall line installation, resulting in a poor fit between the curtain and the wall, and easy light leakage.

3. Indoor side-installed curtain rod

Advantages: 2.8M large curtain can be installed, which plays an excellent decoration role; there is no need to consider the installation position of the plaster line on the curtain influences.

Disadvantage: Because the side-mounted brackets obstruct the movement of the curtains, the joints of the curtains are simply not closed tightly, and light leakage occurs; The contrast is remarkable.

4. Indoor double-rod slideway

Advantages: It can install 2.8M large curtains, which plays an excellent decoration role; there is no need to consider the influence of plaster lines on the installation orientation of curtains ;Due to the use of slideways, the side-mounted brackets have no effect on the movement of the curtains, so the joints of the curtains can be very tight.

5. How to make the curtains of the bay window beautiful?

The curtains of the bay window are usually made of curtains inside the bay window and curtains outside the bay window The local area of Yakou. The window cloth of the bay window is wrapped around the window glass inside the bay window, there are U-shaped ones, and some L-shaped ones, and the height is the same as the inner height of the bay window. The curtains in the bedroom are usually made to go through the wall and fall to the floor. If there is a radiator, it can also be made into the size of the window frame, and it can be extended by about 30 centimeters twice. In addition, there is a way to directly make the cloth curtain and the matching gauze curtain inside the bay window, which saves fabric and makes the bedroom appear large and not cumbersome.

6. Custom matching is secure

After the room is decorated, custom-made curtains and other fabrics become another important task. As an ordinary consumer, at this time, I go shopping by myself, and I can’t help but make up my mind if I read too much. The designer believes that custom-made matching is safe. For example, after choosing curtains in the living room, you can choose the same color fabric to make a sofa or cushion, or you can remake the old sofa, so that the harmony of the living room will be improved. The comparison is easy to grasp. Similarly, this method is also very suitable for bedrooms and children’s rooms. Bedding, curtains, and cushions are all unified in one color system or pattern, seeking change in stability, harmonious and vivid.

The above introduction content is about how to install bay window curtains. I hope these contents can be helpful to readers when purchasing bay window curtains.

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