How to make semi-circular windows curtains and curtains cleaning precautions

The editor understands that as the seasons change, each of our warm rooms must be replaced with new curtains, but of course the old curtains must be cleaned and preserved, so that they can be used in the future. Reuse when changing seasons. Among them, semi-circular windows are particular, so let me introduce how to make curtains for semi-circular windows and the precautions for cleaning curtains.

1. How to make curtains for semi-circular windows

Put the window The diameter of the arch is well measured. Note that we must measure accurately, and then take the material to a special place for bending aluminum alloy profiles to bend the roundness. After taking it back, we will cut the material and put it together. The curtains only need to be made along the skeleton we installed, so that the curtains with a certain curvature are suitable for our home life.

Second, semi-circular window curtain cleaning precautions

Fabric art: Before we wash the curtains, we should first deal with them according to the style of the curtains. Curtains are divided into hook type and perforated type according to different hanging methods. The hook type curtains of general materials can be cleaned in the washing machine as long as the curtain hook is taken out of the cloth belt. For perforated curtains, it is better to remove the rings. The rings are opposite to each other. You just need to break them apart from the middle, and then close them after washing and drying. Because the ring is a hard material, it is easy to damage the curtain fabric and curtain fabric belt during high-speed operation during machine washing. So everyone should pay attention when washing perforated curtains.

Flannel : Velvet curtains have a strong vacuuming power. After replacement, you should shake the curtains with your hands to let the dust attached to the curtains fall off naturally, and then soak them in water containing detergent for about 15 minutes. It is best not to wash the flannelette curtains with a washing machine, but to lightly filter the water with your hands. Do not twist hard after washing, just let the water drip dry and evaporate automatically.

Cotton Linen: Curtains made of cotton and linen are easier to clean and can be washed directly in the washing machine. In addition to using washing powder, it is best to add a little fabric softener to make the cotton and linen curtains more supple after washing.

Lace : Curtains decorated with lace are not suitable for vigorous cleaning. Before cleaning, you can use a soft brush to gently sweep the dust on the surface, and then clean it gently.

Roller blinds: Roller blinds are generally difficult to disassemble, and can be cleaned directly with detergent on the roller blinds. When cleaning, you should pay attention to the position around the roller blind that is easier to absorb dust. If the dust is heavy, you can use a soft brush to remove the dust, and then wipe it with clean water.

The above is the whole content of how to make curtains for semi-circular windows and the precautions for cleaning curtains introduced by the editor. In addition, we should pay attention not to dehydrate and dry the curtains after washing, and not to expose them to the sun, but to dry them naturally. Avoid damaging the texture and color of the curtains.

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