What color curtains go with black walnut furniture? How to distinguish black walnut furniture

How can living room be without furniture with powerful storage functions? Furniture not only has its own practical use, but also matches with interior decoration to create a more beautiful living room effect. Black walnut furniture belongs to high-end furniture. If you want this kind of furniture to be better reflected, all kinds of collocations cannot be casual. What color curtains go with black walnut furniture? How to distinguish black walnut furniture?

What color curtains go with black walnut furniture

1. Black walnut furniture For the master bedroom, we can choose some green curtains and incorporate yellow wallpapers to play a good transition role under this contrasting cool tone, making the whole bedroom look refreshing and lively.

2. In the living room decorated with black walnut furniture. Sofas are often matched with gray and white-based colors, while living room curtains can be matched with slightly more expensive colors such as light yellow and beige, so that the effect of matching the living room will appear harmonious.

3. If you choose light-colored antique furniture and doors, some fashionable families will choose dark black walnut floor color matching, which forms a sharp and harmonious contrast with light red furniture and doors. Contrasting color matching should be used with caution in principle. The color matching must have a professional vision or be checked by a professional. The color matching should not only have a strong contrast effect, but also have a harmonious effect.

4. Light walnut furniture can be matched with Chinese style, simple European or modern decoration style. The matching of walnut wood furniture and walls. If the furniture is made of light walnut, the wall can be pasted with vertical striped wallpaper. The wallpaper should be dark textured, off-white wallpaper. This color belongs to the warm color system. People will feel very comfortable in the bedroom, and it is also more attractive. Will get tired of watching. In addition, the matching of walnut furniture and wall color has a lot to do with the decoration style.

How to distinguish black walnut furniture

1. Because the black walnut color is light dark brown with purple and has a large parabolic pattern string section, so black walnut Furniture is expensive, so black walnut furniture is not very common in the furniture we can come into contact with. Black walnut is generally used as a welt.

2. The color transition of the real walnut pattern is relatively stable; the false color transition is fast, and black and brown can be clearly distinguished. The real walnut pattern is more natural, and the fake walnut pattern feels both There is no difference, this is the result of soaking with dye.

3. Due to the higher density of real walnut wood, it is heavier than fake ones in the same size. Real walnut wood will appear gold-like things under the reflection of sunlight, but fake ones do not. .

What color curtains go with black walnut furniture? How to distinguish black walnut furniture? The interior decoration effect brought by furniture of different colors is different. When purchasing curtains, you also need to pay attention to the choice of furniture to see if it matches the overall effect.

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