How to hang double curtains How to hang double curtains

When choosing curtains, most people tend to choose double-layered curtains, because one of the double-layered bed curtains can be used to block light and the other can be used to protect privacy, but when hanging You need to pay more attention, because it is not as easy to hang as single-layer curtains, how to hang double-layer curtains, what is the hanging method of double-layer curtains, and the suspension of two-layer curtains must ensure that both curtains can be pushed and pulled correctly. Do not affect the later use.

How to hang double-layer curtains

The installation of double-layer curtains is to Choose the curtains first, then prepare the curtain rods.

1. To install double-layer curtains, first you need to prepare two layers of curtains, usually a layer of gauze curtains and a layer of blackout curtains. Choose according to your preferences and home style.

2. Prepare the curtain rod. According to the choice of your curtains, there are also suitable curtain rods. The general curtain rods mainly include Roman rods and track rods. Choose according to the installation location and curtains. Generally, there are more Roman rods in the living room, and more track rods in the bedroom bay window. Of course, Roman rods can also be used according to your preferences.

3. If your curtains use Roman rods, you need to prepare double rod supports, and you can support two curtain rods at the same time.

4. If you choose track curtains, then you need this kind of track poles, remember to choose this kind of double poles.

5. After the pole is selected, first install the pole to a fixed position on the wall, and then hang the curtain on it. very simple.

How to hang double-layer curtains

1. Straight hanging Method

The straight curtain is a kind of curtain style that we see more. This kind of curtain is relatively simple, and it is mostly used in bedrooms or bathrooms, and it is also useful in the living room. So how to hang this kind of straight curtains? In fact, the method of how to hang straight curtains is simple. You only need to pass through holes, collars, etc. to complete the hanging method of straight curtains. We can complete the hanging method of this kind of straight curtains by ourselves, so we don’t spend more money to hire professional people to install them.

2. Decorative curtain head curtain hanging method

In the living room curtain hanging method, compared with other curtain hanging methods, the decorative curtain head curtain hanging method can be regarded as very economical and practical. One is that there is no need for pulleys, and the curtain rod can be directly inserted into the top box and hung on the wall; the other is that it can adopt a half-cut type, which is very suitable for small windows. Different forms such as I-shaped pleats, manual pleats, shirring, and suspenders show the purity and sweetness of the home space.

3. Pleated hanging method

Under normal circumstances, the pleated hanging method is divided into single layer and double layer. Single layer pleated curtains often give people a hazy feeling. The feeling, and the double-layer pleated curtains will effectively reduce the loss of heating and cooling. This kind of curtain hanging method often creates an elegant and atmospheric home space.

4. Roman curtain hanging method

In the decoration of curtains, Roman curtains are very convenient to use. They can be pulled up and down according to the changes of the four seasons. It will be folded in half naturally, with a strong sense of three-dimensionality, such as sling type, four-section shirring type, crystal type at the bottom, etc., which will show the lively and lively living space of the home.

5. Hanging method of curtains

The hanging method of curtains is mainly in the form of curtain pendant lace, and the design of variable colors on the curtain head, such as fan-shaped, W-shaped, three-sided folding Fan-shaped, round mantle-shaped, etc., different pleated curtain head designs will bring people different visual effects, and are usually suitable for gorgeous and exquisite home life styles.

The above is how to hang double-layer curtains and how to hang double-layer curtains. There will also be certain differences, so don’t look at these hanging methods uniformly, but decide the correct hanging method according to your own different curtains and window structures. Generally, curtain sellers will give you some advice, so you can listen to it more. listen.

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