How about IKEA curtains, are IKEA curtains good?

When you decorate your home, you pay attention to the choice of curtains, because the strong decorative effect of curtains makes you not be indifferent to them. When purchasing curtains, everyone must be familiar with IKEA curtains, so how about IKEA curtains? Let’s learn about the situation of IKEA curtains.

Overall IKEA curtains

IKEA curtains are one of the products distributed by IKEA one. IKEA was founded in Sweden in 1943. After a long development, at present, the Swedish IKEA Group has become a large-scale furniture and household products business. The sales mainly include seat/sofa series, supplies, bedroom series, kitchen series, lighting series, textiles, cookware series, house storage series, children’s product series and more than 10,000 products, which have great influence, perfect service system and reliable reputation in the home consumer market.

How about IKEA curtains

Generally speaking, IKEA curtains are good, there are many textures and colors to choose from, and the colors and styles are very novel. The creative design is refreshing and distinctive. The main thing is that you can also choose fabrics for on-site production, which provides great convenience for consumers’ personalized choices. And the service of IKEA curtains is quite satisfactory. In comparison, IKEA does not have that kind of gorgeous and cumbersome curtains. The feature of IKEA is simplicity and practicality. Most of its products are suitable for modern minimalist style.

Thickness of IKEA curtains

In order to meet everyone’s requirements for shading and privacy of curtains, the thickness of IKEA curtains is divided into several different levels.

Grade 1 shading degree: translucent and hazy, most window screens belong to the first shading degree, which has a certain blocking effect on ultraviolet rays, visible light, and good permeability

Shading Level 2: It can block 95% of ultraviolet rays, achieve the effect of sun protection, can soften the light without affecting indoor lighting, and under this shading degree, the computer monitor in the room will not be dazzling, and people who use computers will have experience

Three levels of shading: the sun protection index can be increased to protect furniture, place excessive exposure to the sun, and protect privacy, but the indoors will not be too dark, and you can be awakened by the morning sun in the morning

Four shading levels: The indoor light is affected, and it becomes very dark after pulling it on, but it can distinguish between day and night. In summer, the heat insulation effect is obvious, and the room is cooler

5 levels of shading: full shading, the indoor light is weak It is divided into day and night, and it cannot be distinguished from the outside whether the indoor lights are on or not.

Precautions for installation and use of IKEA curtains

1. Usually, professionals are required to install them. Securing with tensioning devices can lead to accidents.

2. Be sure to put the pull rope of the roller blind at the bottom to prevent the rope from slipping and becoming a plaything for children and causing accidents.

3. Install a fixed buckle on the roller blind to prevent the roller blind from sliding down suddenly. Cordless curtains should be used or cords should be kept out of reach of small children.

4. Do not place tables, chairs and children’s beds where children can climb, etc. next to the window. This can not only prevent the curtains from causing harm to children, but also help prevent children from climbing windows and causing falling injuries.

How about IKEA curtains? After reading the above introduction, we will no longer be unfamiliar with IKEA curtains. In fact, in the home furnishing market, IKEA curtains are still very well-known. What everyone admires about it is that it is convenient, free, convenient and flexible, which is also the business purpose of IKEA curtains.

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