How to choose the curtains in the living room, how to choose curtains?

After the decoration, it is a built-in option. If the decoration effect is good, if it is not equipped with the built-in, the matching effect will not be ideal. Many people want to know in detail how to choose the curtains in the living room, and the selection skills of curtains? Next, I will introduce you in detail according to the problems of curtains.

1. How to choose the curtains in the living room:

1. Romantic style: White gauze curtains are always in a romantic style, and you can also place a wind chime beside the window sill. In the breeze, romance and pleasant bells flutter gently together. Curtains don’t have to be in a single style. You can add wavy stripes to the edge of the outer layer, or decorate the two ends of the fixed curtains with wheat ear-shaped bows, hooks, etc. The tulle is tied at one end of the curtain rack and hangs from the other end to the floor after a few weeks, creating an elegant asymmetry.                    A strong and crisp visual impact. Combine delicate flowers with ethnic colors or geometric patterns. It has a free and casual artistic sense, yet soft and elegant.   Effect. The ends of the large fabric fabrics are neatly planted like curtains and hang down to the window sill, setting off the printed curtains, exuding a strong county atmosphere. Using exotic Scottish plaid patterns as curtains, with wooden curtain rods, a very strong English pastoral style will be vividly displayed in front of your eyes.   Clear but not complicated eye-catching visual experience. Just two small silver hooks hold up sheer sheer curtains, filling your room with sunlight without being too blinding. The striped chiffon screen window decoration adds a lively and cheerful atmosphere to the small bedroom, and the windows on both sides are rolled into beautiful rosettes, making your vigorous and lovely instantly.

Second, the selection of curtains:

1. Wall decoration: For most rooms, curtains are relatively large decorations on the wall . It is a “four white floor” simple decoration room, except for some picture frames, maybe the only decoration on the wall is the curtains. Therefore, the style of curtains often plays a decisive role in the entire interior space; for a hardcover room, curtains that echo the decoration will make the room present a unified style and better reflect the home atmosphere.              

2. Unified style: The color and style of curtains are inextricably linked with the main style of the home. The main requirement for curtain selection is to be unified with the main style of the room. The material, color and style of the curtains must match the overall style of the room.

3. Color matching: The color of the curtains should be coordinated with the color of the whole room. Under normal circumstances, the color of the curtains should be darker than the walls, such as light blue walls, the curtains can be brown, or the blue flowers on a white background can be used as curtains, and the light yellow transparent yarn can be used as curtains.

4. Using light: The function of protecting privacy is realized by blocking light. Effective and reasonable use of light will make the room alternate between light and dark, and expand the sense of space in the room. In the living room on the first floor, it is easier for people to see the indoor situation with translucent curtains, and curtains with thicker materials will affect the natural lighting. If you combine the two together, you can solve this problem.

All of the above content is an introduction to how to choose curtains in the living room. At the same time, according to the requirements of consumers, some explanations are given on the skills of choosing curtains and other issues.

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