What kind of curtains are suitable for the Chinese style decoration living room? Chinese style decoration living room curtain matching skills?

Although it is said that the decoration of the living room should be designed according to the style you like, but when you buy sofas or curtains, you should also match the style you choose. It will make the whole home uncoordinated and unsightly. Then, you must know what kind of curtains are good for the Chinese-style decoration living room. If you don’t know this question, you can’t choose which style of curtains to buy. What are the skills.

What kind of curtains match the Chinese-style decoration living room picture?

1. What kind of fabrics are good for Chinese-style decoration, it is best to choose double-layer fabrics to match, the use of this fabric can better adjust the light, and also adapt to the temperature season The change. The outer fabric of double-layer fabric curtains is thicker, and the inner layer is a layer of satin fabric as a primer, which has strong light-shielding properties; in order to highlight the elegant feeling of the curtain, a layer of gauze is added, which is softer and the light is brighter. If you have enough, you can use this tulle curtain alone.

2. What kind of curtains are good for Chinese-style decoration? Golden yellow, dark coffee, reddish, brown and purple. The green is elegant, the purple is noble, and the gauze curtains are elegantly flowing with the refreshing wind. Decorating Chinese-style houses, they are naturally beautiful.

3. Expensive fabrics can make the room feel luxurious, but we don’t need to spend a lot of money to pursue gorgeousness, as long as we pay attention to matching the grade of the furnishings in the room. In addition, the texture of the fabric has an important influence on the style and atmosphere of the interior layout. For example, thin and transparent materials make people feel cool, while thick and solid materials make the room feel warm.

4. On the other hand, seasonal factors should also be considered when choosing window decoration fabrics. In summer, curtains should be made of soft yarn or silk, which is breathable and cool; ” demand.

What are the matching skills of Chinese-style decoration living room curtains?

First of all, for the color matching skills, the most important thing is to match the interior color. The color of the curtains should not exceed three, otherwise it will look very messy and easily make people feel irritable . Therefore, pay attention to color when matching Chinese-style curtains.

The size of the window and the personality of the occupant should also be considered when matching Chinese-style curtains. If the elderly live in Chinese-style curtains, they should be calm and elegant; the young people’s curtains can be slightly different in color, especially in children’s rooms. Bright colors can help children form a cheerful personality. The collocation of Chinese-style curtains should also be selected according to the light. Curtains are divided into single-layer and multi-layer. Single-layer curtains are suitable for rooms with relatively dark light, while multi-layer curtains are suitable for rooms with relatively bright light. Suitable for more atmospheric installation.

From the above introduction, I know what kind of curtains are better for Chinese-style decoration living room pictures. Generally speaking, when choosing, you should choose according to the fabric. We must consider the issue of style, you can see if you like the styles recommended above, and the article clearly tells you what are the matching skills of Chinese-style decoration living room curtains.

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