How to choose living room curtains should pay attention to matching

Living room curtains When choosing curtains for the living room, pay attention to matching the overall style and consider the overall effect of the room, so as to have a good decoration effect, otherwise No matter how beautiful the curtains are, they are incompatible with the overall decoration style and are useless.

It is not difficult to see that this is a pastoral style decoration The living room, the curtains used in this living room are set with the sofa cloth art and the background wall, echoing each other, fully showing the small freshness of the pastoral style. We can also notice that there is a thin layer of gauze curtains inside, which is almost a lot There will be curtains in the living room, creating a romantic atmosphere.

European-style decoration with grand and luxurious atmosphere, the living room curtains it uses are in The color is consistent with the overall tone of the living room. The curtains are decorated with simple patterns, but they are more noble. The irregular hanging curtains are decorated with gold edges, echoing the light of the ceiling, reflecting the luxurious style of ancient Western Europe.
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The color of this living room curtain is relatively heavy. If it is not used for shading, I believe that many friends would not choose this color very much, and if you look at it alone, It seems heavy and old-fashioned. But when we put it in such a living room environment, we don’t have such a feeling at all. On the contrary, it is very coordinated with the entire decoration environment, because the overall decoration style of this living room is not a bright line. With such curtains, it looks even more chic.

This simple living room with silver and white as the main tones, in the choice of curtains In addition to the white gauze curtains, it is also matched with champagne gold curtains. If it is pure gold, it may look awkward, but the use of champagne gold and white gauze curtains makes this cool-toned living room more colorful and looks Much more active.

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