What to do if the curtains are moldy

Curtains are made of various materials and styles, and are very popular among consumers. During use at home, curtains will be affected by indoor Moldy due to the influence of the air, how should we deal with it at this time? Moldy spots and mildew spots can’t be washed off, let’s see the editor for you.

1. What to do if the curtains are moldy
1. If there are mildew spots on cotton fabrics, you can rub a little mung bean sprouts on the mildew spots, and then rinse them with clean water to remove the mildew spots. Or you can use 5% white wine to scrub, which is very effective in removing mildew.
2. If the curtain fabric is made of colored or other materials, you can use blue moonlight colored clothes stains and collars to remove mildew spots: add blue moonlight to half a basin of water (about 2 liters) Clean the stains on white clothes with 1 bottle cap, stir well, soak the white clothes for 30 minutes, and rinse. If there are still stains after soaking for 2 minutes, take out the cloth, add 1 bottle cap of this product to the basin, stir well, Put the cloth into the cloth and continue soaking. The cumulative soaking time should not exceed 6.
3. Soaking in 84 disinfectant solution can bleach and remove mildew stains.
It is recommended to wear gloves when touching the disinfectant solution, otherwise the skin will be dehydrated. 84 disinfectant solution: water About 1:10~1:5, the concentration is higher and the rinsing effect is obvious. Our family only has the “net content” mark, and I use it all. Directly pour it on the shower curtain, add a small amount of water, and the moldy part will occupy Just reach a high concentration of 84. After soaking for 5~10 minutes, you will find that the water turns yellow and black, and it can be longer.
Pay attention to the amount of water to make the fabric soaked. If the stain is still not removed after soaking overnight, you can continue to extend the soaking time , Mildew spots are difficult to remove, and generally need to be soaked for several days.

2. Cleaning precautions
1. 84 disinfectant is strongly oxidized, please wear rubber gloves when using it.
2. When rubbing, press your hands tightly and lightly to prevent the disinfectant from building up on the body and causing the clothes to fade.
3. After cleaning, the residual smell of the disinfectant will disappear after volatilization, which is harmless to the body.

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