How to choose curtains How to match curtains

How to choose curtains and how to match curtains is a headache for many homeowners. The color and style of curtains will directly affect the layout and perception of the entire living room. Today, I will tell you how to choose curtains and how to match them.

Tips for Curtain Selection

One, the style of curtains and size. In terms of style, the curtains in general small rooms should be in a relatively simple style. As for the large living room, it is advisable to adopt a more generous, stylish and exquisite style. The width of the curtains should generally be about 10 cm wider than the windows on both sides. The bottom should depend on the style of the curtains. Short curtains should also be about 20 cm longer than the bottom line of the window sill; ~3 cm.

Second, the choice of curtains should be in harmony with the main color of the room color. A room has a main tone in color. Generally, the main tone of indoor color is determined by interior decoration. Since curtains occupy a large area in the room, the color of curtains also becomes the main tone. When choosing curtains, it is best to make the interior color Coordinate with the curtain color to form a main tone color together.

Third, the choice of curtains should consider the small size of the room and the size of the window. For a larger room, the color of the curtains can be slightly more; ? For a small room, it is best to use light-colored and solid-colored curtains to reduce people’s psychological pressure.

Fourth, the color pattern of the curtains. The design and color of the fabric should be coordinated with the living room and determined according to the environment and season of the area. It is advisable to choose fabrics with cool colors in summer, fabrics with warm colors in winter, and fabrics with neutral colors in spring and autumn.

Home curtain matching skills

Black and red matching can relieve insomnia

If the living room curtains need Talk to the guests, then the curtains in the bedroom are specially designed for the host. In the warm, romantic and private bedroom space, curtains not only serve as decoration, but also mainly protect privacy and adjust light.

Designs and styles must match the sofa

Curtains should match the overall home environment, which has become the default rule for choosing curtains. Generally speaking, in modern-style decoration, the color and style of the curtains in the living room should match the fabric sofa in the living room, and linen or polyester-cotton fabrics should be used.

Light tones are used in color, such as beige, beige, light gray, etc.; in European style, the tones of curtains are mostly brown, golden, dark coffee, etc.; while Chinese style is mainly reddish and brown .

Shrink-resistant and wrinkle-resistant blended materials

Among curtain fabrics, cotton, linen, silk, and wool textures are popular with consumers, but these fabrics have Certain shrinkage, however, many modern fabrics are blended with natural fibers and man-made or synthetic fibers. If you like individuality, you can try to create another different feeling by overlapping two layers of yarn.

Do you remember the above methods on how to choose curtains and how to match curtains?

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