How to buy curtains? Conscience businessmen confided 6 routines

Thanks to the size of the window, the wall area occupied by the curtain is still very large, so the curtain has become an important item in the home furnishing. The basic function of curtains is to shade the sun and protect personal privacy, but now home decoration also pays attention to beauty, and there are many types of curtains, and they can also play a very good decorative role. Therefore, curtains are also a value for the home. Take charge. A beautiful and suitable curtain can not only add brilliance to the home space, but also give the family visual enjoyment. It is not difficult to buy home curtains. After all, there are many kinds of curtains, which can be purchased according to the actual situation of home decoration. The most difficult thing is the price of curtains, after all, people know very little about it. So, how to calculate the price of home curtains? Today I will summarize some common routines for buying curtains.

Routine 1: The curtains must be full of the wall to look good

The curtains are hanging On the window, the size of the curtain needs to be determined according to the size of the window when purchasing the curtain. For example, the width of a home window is 2 meters, and the actual curtain size is about 2-2.5 meters. The walls will be more beautiful, so they can make more money. In fact, the curtains don’t have to be hung on the entire wall. The merchants tell you this is one of their ways to make money selling curtains. The size of the curtains depends on your actual preferences. If you only buy window-sized curtains, the living space will be very cool and comfortable, and at the same time, you can save a lot of fabric costs. Of course, floor-to-ceiling curtains that hang on the entire wall are indeed beautiful, but the cost of curtains will increase a lot.

Routine 2: Double the folds of the curtain

Hanging in the family The curtains are all pleated, so that the curtains will look better. However, once the curtains have wrinkles, more curtain fabrics are required. When we buy curtains, the merchants double the curtain folds by default. In fact, 1.5 times the folds is enough. The extra 0.5 times is a way for merchants to make money. People who don’t know about curtains can be easily deceived. Of course, double the aesthetics of the curtain folds is also very good. If the curtains in your home are of pure color, or the curtain pattern is relatively simple, 1.5 times of folds is completely sufficient, and can better highlight the aesthetics of the curtain pattern. Like some curtains with complex patterns, you can choose 2 times or 1.5 times the folds according to the actual situation.

Routine 3: Curtains are sold separately

Now many families like to hang Put double-layer curtains, a cloth curtain and a gauze curtain, combined with each other will make the room more beautiful, and at the same time it is convenient to use. Generally, gauze curtains are used during the day and cloth curtains are used at night. Although gauze curtains and cloth curtains are both curtains, the merchant will only tell you the price of a drapery curtain when you actually buy the curtains, and the price of a gauze curtain will be extra when you pay after the curtains are ready. Many people will spend a lot of curtain money for no reason because they don’t understand this wave of operations. Therefore, when buying curtains, be sure to ask about the prices of gauze curtains and cloth curtains. In addition, gauze curtains and cloth curtains can be sold separately. You can choose your favorite gauze curtains and cloth curtains, and the matching is also good. It is worth noting that the installation of double-layer curtains requires the installation of two curtain rods, and one more layer of sheer curtain means more money for curtain rod accessories.

Routine 4: Beware of accessories trap

Even if the merchant tells you about the curtain The prices of fabrics and gauze curtains are high, and they are also within their own tolerance range, but they should not be taken lightly, so the total price of the curtains after they are completed is not the price informed by the merchant. There will be some accessories in the process of making curtains, these are all costly, and the price is not very cheap, such as curtain tape, punching, hooks, etc. In addition to these common accessories, there are also Some of them you may not have seen before, each of which requires additional money, which naturally leads to a much higher cost of curtains. In fact, some auxiliary materials such as cloth tape and lace are very cheap, and can be made from leftover materials of curtains, so there is no need to add money at all, so calculating the cost of auxiliary materials is also a routine of merchants.

Routine Five: Beware of the Curtain Trap

Many people like the one with the curtain There are many styles of curtains and curtains, and they are all very beautiful. Although the curtain is only a small part of the entire curtain, the price of this part is not low. Generally, merchants will tell you that the curtains are very complicated in workmanship and the fabrics are also very particular, so the price is half of the curtains, but in fact, the curtains are all spliced with leftover materials for making curtains, and the price is only a manual fee. I charged you half the price of the curtains, which is a lot of money. If you don’t have a special liking for curtains and curtains, you can completely abandon them. The popular Roman shades are very simple and beautiful, and there is no design for curtains.

Routine 6: The curtain rod does not match

When buying curtains, you need to put The curtain rod is determined. There are many ways to install the curtain, and the curtain rods used are also different. At present, there are mainly Roman rods and slides. Currently very popular is the Roman pole, which is simple and elegant and is very popular with everyone. But the price of Roman poles is also expensive, but Roman poles are not suitable for every family. If your curtains are made of window covers, or the house decoration is made of integrated ceilings, it will be better to choose slides directly, otherwise it will be more convenient to choose Roman rods. In addition, if you choose double-layer curtains, you need two curtain rods, one hanging cloth curtain and one hanging gauze curtain. Therefore, when purchasing curtain rods, be sure to determine what kind of curtain rods are suitable for your home. For Roman rods, it is also necessary to ask the price of the curtain punching, so as not to understand that some additional costs will be added later.

Curtains are the most common in home furnishing, and because of this, many people think that curtains are the cheapest in soft furnishing. If you know a lot about the price of curtains, you will I don’t think so anymore. In fact, the fabric of curtains is not expensive. For businesses, the main profit is on the accessories of curtains. And these accessories are the leftover materials of the curtains. If you don’t understand some of the above routines, you won’t know if you are slaughtered. Now everyone knows how to calculate the price of curtains. I hope you will not be fooled when you buy curtains.

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