How to match the curtains in the bedroom? How to maintain the curtains?

 There are many opinions on the color matching of curtains. It is the curtain between bedrooms. The quality of a curtain directly affects the overall decoration style. Therefore, you must be careful when purchasing curtains. Today, I will introduce to you how to match the curtains in the bedroom? How should the curtains be maintained?

 How to match the curtains between bedrooms?

 1, Log color + white: simple, if you like Noble and meticulous simple style, so safe white and log color are undoubtedly the best choice, gentle like spring breeze, calm like a leisurely lake, at the same time natural and casual, free and easy, the space is more harmonious, and the style complements each other. , reflecting the user’s taste and quality, creating his own personality show in a limited space, so life will be more unexpected fun.

 2, black + white + gray: classic, if you like simple and elegant European style, you can choose Gothic and Mediterranean furniture, and this simple style is bound to be black or gray Gray is the main color. Black and white can create a strong visual effect, blending the popular gray in recent years into it to ease the visual conflict between black and white. This kind of space is full of cool modern and futuristic sense, rational, orderly and professional.

 3, blue + white: warmth, blue gives people a calm and noble feeling, jazz has a long history, and people who are obsessed with it think “blues”. Not all sapphire blue, but the finishing touch, which really activates life and makes the kitchen life dynamic, and the blue tone helps to create a peaceful atmosphere, and the kitchen decorated with blue works better. According to color psychology, seeing more blue will make people emotionally stable and think more rationally. The coolness and flawlessness of white make people feel very free and broad-minded, and the living space seems to be as open and comfortable as the nature of the sea and sky.

 4, blue + orange: modern, with blue and orange as the main color collocation, showing the intersection of modernity and tradition, ancient and modern, colliding with reality and The visual experience of retro flavor. These two colors can give the space a new life.

 How to maintain the curtains?

1. The fabrics of the curtains are different, and the cleaning methods are also different. If it is velvet, it cannot be washed with water. Washing makes the velvet produce a “yin and yang side”. Therefore, if the curtain of velvet fabric is dirty, it can only be washed partly, and it cannot be rubbed by hand. It can only be brushed in one direction with a soft brush to ensure The suede goes in one direction, and special detergent for curtains should be used, sprayed on the fabric instead of rubbed on the fabric. If there is embroidery, it depends on the shrinkage of the non-embroidered parts. If it is not large, such as yarn or silk, it can be washed. If the shrinkage is large, such as pure cotton, it can be washed where it is dirty. If it is wool or silk, it can only be washed. Can be dry cleaned but not washed.

2. Clean the curtain accessories after removing them. The curtain accessories have parts suitable for washing and some parts that are not suitable for washing, such as lace, silk ribbons and other accessories, so they must be removed and cleaned separately. After finishing, it will be sewn up by professional master craftsmen.

3, “skin care” is the most appropriate term to describe the cleaning of curtains. Not only cleaning, but also maintenance cannot be ignored. Such as repairing the damaged needle and thread, maintaining the track of the curtain, reinforcing the lace, re-ironing, modifying the length according to the shrinkage rate, etc., which greatly extend the service life of the curtain.

  Throughout the year, different curtains are purchased in different seasons. In summer, you can choose light-colored curtains. In winter, you can choose curtains in warm or dark colors, and the curtains should be thicker. Now there are blackout curtains, which are widely used in summer and can effectively help us block the sun.

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