How many steps are there to clean curtains?

No matter what you do, people want to pay attention to its price, because you can do the calculation in advance, and you can understand it in your mind, and the cleaning of the curtains is also Similarly, when people clean the curtains, they all want to know how much it costs to clean the curtains, so that they can prepare in advance.

There are several steps to cleaning the curtains ?

 First, the part that needs to be washed to disassemble the curtain. It should be noted that before disassembly, use a feather duster and a vacuum cleaner to carefully remove the dust on the surface of the curtain. Use professional tools to disassemble the curtain when encountering When some parts are stuck, do not use brute force to break apart the surrounding carding and take out the curtain cloth.

 Second, there are many tips during the curtain soaking process. Curtain soaking The specific detergent should be selected according to the material of the product itself. It is generally recommended to use a neutral detergent to soak the curtains. Liquids containing acidic or overly alkaline liquids will cause certain damage to the fiber materials inside the curtains. The degree of soaking depends on the material of the curtains. The time is generally between 15 minutes and 60 minutes. For example, curtains made of linen are generally soaked for more than 1 hour when washing because of their heavy weight.

  There are many precautions. When washing curtains, everyone needs to pay attention to the fact that flannelette, silk fabrics and some high-grade fiber fabrics are not suitable for automatic washing by washing machine. If there are some kinds of fabric curtain fabrics, it is recommended to wash them by hand or send them to a special laundry for dry cleaning. That’s it.

 Fourth, there are many important things that you need to do during the drying process of the curtains after washing. Everyone should know that the pigments of the fabrics of the clothes are prone to occur when they are directly exposed to direct sunlight after washing. Discoloration phenomenon. In daily life, when many people dry their clothes, they always dry their clothes on the reverse side. It is recommended that you choose a ventilated and cool place to dry, so that the curtains can dry by themselves.

 Let us read the above How much is the text for cleaning curtains? There are several steps to cleaning curtains? After the introduction, people should already know the approximate cost of it. People should not only pay attention to its price when cleaning curtains. Fresh ones are the best The key. In addition, if you want to save money, you can clean it at home yourself. At the same time, when buying curtains, you must pay attention to the brand.

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