How about the sound insulation effect of curtains? Which one is better for sound insulation curtains?

Curtains are an indispensable decoration in home life, and many people attach great importance to the purchase of decoration. There are many types of curtains on the market now, some of which can only shade the sun, while some curtains can not only shade the sun, but also have the effect of sound insulation. Now many people will choose to have sound insulation effect when buying curtains. But is it really possible to soundproof? Let’s take a look at the sound insulation effect of curtains together. Which one is better for soundproof curtains?

How about the sound insulation effect of the curtains?

1. The soundproof curtain is equipped with a curtain box on the top of the inner frame beam installed on the window. The curtain box is equipped with a curtain roll shaft, and the curtain roll is mounted on the roll shaft and passes through the curtain box A through slit at the bottom protrudes from the curtain box, two sides of the opposite window are respectively equipped with a curtain chute in which the two sides of the curtain can slide respectively, and a curtain bottom groove is arranged on the bottom platform of the window. The through seam at the bottom of the curtain box, the inner surface of the two curtain chutes and the curtain bottom groove are all equipped with groove sealing strips, and all of them are in the same plane. Driven, the bottom edge of the curtain moves up and down, and the winding shaft rotates in the forward and reverse directions to lower and retract the curtain on it. In this way, the curtain stretches out from the curtain box, passes through the curtain chute, and enters the curtain at the bottom edge of the curtain. The bottom groove completely closes the window, so that the window is fully closed with curtains for sound insulation.

2. Product performance

1. Increase the sound insulation up to 8-12 decibels (low frequency sound insulation is large) can replace the second window of the double-layer sound insulation window

2. Used alone, the sound insulation can reach up to 20 decibels and can be used as a sound insulation barrier for indoor activities

3. It has the function of shading and non-shading, and has the effect of heat insulation and energy saving without occupying indoor space

Third, soundproof curtains can isolate the noise outside the window. When the soundproof curtain is installed, the two sides of the window are respectively equipped with a curtain chute in which the two sides of the curtain can slide respectively. The bottom plate of the window is equipped with a curtain bottom groove, and the inner surface is equipped with groove Groove sealing strips, and they are all in the same plane, so as to achieve the effect of completely closing the windows with curtains and performing sound insulation.

Fourth, soundproof curtains have the following characteristics, which can effectively reduce the noise pollution from outdoor to indoor. Strong noise will have adverse effects on people’s physiology and psychology. In the daily working and living environment, noise mainly causes hearing loss and interferes with talking, thinking, resting and sleeping. According to the survey of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), working in an environment with a noise level of 85 decibels and 90 decibels for 30 years, the possibility of deafness is 8% and 18% respectively.

5. In an environment with a noise level of 70 decibels, it is difficult to talk. According to the survey of residents around the factory, the noise level threshold for disturbing sleep and rest is 50 decibels during the day and 45 decibels at night.

Which one is better for soundproof curtains?

One. Compared with ordinary doors and windows, Beierjing soundproof windows are different in material selection and process. The glass, sealing materials and profiles used in high sound insulation windows can only be finalized after repeated tests and inspections. Manufacturers should have the ability to produce insulation. Acoustic window technology and engineering performance, if necessary, visit the other party’s engineering samples.

Second, in order to make your living environment have obvious effect after replacing the soundproof windows, you should ask the manufacturer to detect the environmental noise source where you live. There is a big difference in road traffic noise in different districts. For example, when choosing soundproof windows outside the Fourth Ring Road, the noise pollution of large trucks should be considered. After repeated tests, the low-frequency sound insulation of soundproof windows for such noise should not be less than 29dB. Therefore, the glass structure of the soundproof window should not be a single mode, but the soundproof window should be designed according to the frequency characteristics of different noise sources. Ensure that the sound insulation performance of soundproof windows meets the requirements of governance.

Third, some manufacturers in the market adopt the process of three-layer glass and two-layer cavity in order to improve the sound insulation of doors and windows. The sound must have sufficient mass density and a large air sound insulation layer. If the mass density remains unchanged, the change of the air sound insulation layer will inevitably affect its sound insulation. The added third glass interferes with the air sound insulation performance of the hollow glass cavity, and the sound insulation decreases on the contrary. It is recommended that this process should not be used for sound insulation windows.

Fourth, the sealing degree of the window sash and the window frame directly affects the sound insulation performance of the sound insulation window. If the sealing is too small, it may cause poor sealing and sound leakage, thus the sound insulation effect is not good.

Through the introduction of the above article, how do you feel about the sound insulation effect of curtains? Which one is better for soundproof curtains? It should be understood. Curtains have a certain effect on sound insulation, but if it is impossible to simply rely on curtains for sound insulation, we still take other sound insulation measures. The editor reminds everyone to pay attention to some purchase issues when purchasing soundproof curtains. I hope my introduction can provide useful help to you.

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