How about pink curtains? Tips for choosing curtains?

The house decoration is not a whole thing now, because the house decoration contains a lot of small details, it is not a good thing to consider all of them in a unified way, some details need to be carefully considered Then do the matching, the window is here, the color of the house, the color of the window and the color of the curtains must be well coordinated. Many people like pink curtains now, but they don’t know how effective they are. So how about the effect of pink curtains? Tips for choosing curtains?

How about pink curtains?

1. The pink curtains are beautiful and give people a warm, romantic and comfortable feeling. But the most important thing is to match it well with the furniture and decoration style of the home. But the most important thing is to match it well with the furniture and decoration style of the home. Pink curtains are very good. They have ever-changing styles and styles, and their functional uses are also refined to any place they are used. European style, Korean style, Chinese style, sunshade curtains, soundproof curtains, ceiling curtains, venetian blinds, wooden curtains, bamboo curtains, metal curtains, organ curtains, electric curtains, manual curtains…the list goes on and on. not bad.

2. Pale pink is a cooler tone. For the bedroom, it is recommended to choose a slightly warmer color. It will feel more homely. It is recommended to choose light green for the bedroom. It will be matched with pink to dilute the cold feeling brought by pink. For the living room, if you like elegance and luxury, you can choose curtains with earth-colored earth colors. In fact, it depends on everyone’s feelings. In short, don’t match the room with cool colors.

How to choose curtains?

1. In terms of material, there are many kinds of curtain materials. At present, there are only cotton, flannelette, polyester, gauze curtains and venetian blinds on the market. Cotton linen curtains have good moisture absorption and breathability, soft luster, simple and natural. But the disadvantage is that the elasticity is small, and it may become wrinkled after washing. Flannel curtains are very soft to the touch, with good drape and color fastness. The disadvantage is that they are relatively thick and not easy to clean. Polyester curtains are easy to clean, waterproof and oil-proof, and are more sun-resistant than other curtains, and are not easy to change color. The disadvantage is that they are not very hygroscopic and breathable. We all know that gauze curtains look beautiful, fresh and elegant, but they are not good at shading, so they are usually used for one of the two layers. Venetian blinds have a good shading effect and are easy to clean. They are suitable for installation in the kitchen, but they are not as good as fabrics, and the aesthetics are not enough.

2. The choice of color. When choosing the color of the curtains, you must consider the overall matching style of the home. If you really don’t know what color to consider, pure color, pure color is classic and has a strong match. Light-colored walls with gray curtains bring refreshment to people. The visual difference displayed by the contrasting color system can also make people’s eyes shine, but in general, the presentation of the home furnishing is ultimately based on a sense of comfort.

How about the effect of pink curtains? The problem of the skill of choosing curtains is that the effect of pink curtains is really good, but it must be matched with the color of the house. If it is only a single pink curtain, the effect will definitely not stand out, so you have to pay attention to matching. When it comes to curtains, try to prioritize the quality of the curtains as much as possible. The color can be changed later, but if there is a problem with the quality, it will be difficult to change it later.

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