How to choose east window curtains for interior decoration? How to choose east window curtains for interior decoration

After the house decoration is completed, it is necessary to start the purchase of furniture and curtains. Maybe when we choose furniture, we choose according to our own preferences. But you must pay attention to the selection of curtains, and match them with the overall style, so as to highlight the quality of the entire home. The editor will explain to you the question of “choice of east window curtains for interior decoration? How to choose east window curtains for interior decoration?”

 The choice of interior decoration east window curtains?

1. The light from the window in the east room always comes in with the rising sun in the morning, so it can gather a lot of light quickly, the temperature changes from cool at night to higher temperature quickly, and the heat energy will also pass through the metal frame of the window quickly Spread out. Therefore, you can choose venetian blinds and vertical blinds with soft texture, which have the same texture as yarn, and can adjust the dazzling light through elegant tones.

2. In addition to adapting to the rapidly changing temperature, the curtains in this direction also need to be accurate in thickness–too thick will appear dark, and too thin will irritate the eyeballs. The curtains on the east side should be able to prepare soft light for the owner who wakes up in the morning, avoid being stimulated by the dazzling sunlight, and enjoy the first ray of sunshine in the day.

 How to choose curtains for interior decoration?

1. It is recommended to choose the color you like according to the situation of your room; Choose the color from the selected colors. The color of the curtain is more important than the color. I personally recommend blue, which makes the room look quieter and brighter;

 2. It is recommended to use cotton or linen fabrics, Do not use chemical fiber fabrics, it is airtight, and the air in the room is not good, including gauze curtains, it is also recommended to use linen instead of chemical fiber fabrics;

 3. The less fabrics used for curtains, the better Well, not to mention saving resources, the main thing is that it is not cumbersome, and the washing machine is easy to clean. There are some large curtains that cannot be washed in the washing machine. It is also economical and inconvenient; merchants usually use the method of making more wrinkles for you to secretly increase your fabric usage. She will say that more wrinkles look good. The original characteristics of the curtain cloth are not good-looking. If you really need wrinkles, you can ask the merchant to increase the distance between the wrinkles (otherwise the merchant will intentionally minimize the distance between the wrinkles for you so that you can buy more of her. Fabric) or simply don’t let her add wrinkles to you, just make it a little more than the actual size without any wrinkles, and then it will naturally have uneven wrinkles after you hang it;

 4. You must buy a good brand for slide rails;

 5. Actually, curtains don’t have to be made by curtain merchants. The supermarket buys the track separately, let them install it separately, and then buys the curtain cloth separately, and then hangs the curtain cloth on the slide rail by yourself, so that the cost can be saved by half;

 Interior Decoration East The choice of window curtains? How to choose curtains for interior decoration east windows? When we choose curtains, we need to do more about this, and we have to choose according to the location. If it is a double window, generally speaking, it is best to treat them as a whole when decorating, so that the effect will be better. Curtains have a great impact on the entire home, so you must be careful and observe more when choosing.

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