How about easy-to-spin curtains? What should you pay attention to when buying curtains?

Curtains are an essential part of our home decoration. They can not only effectively protect our privacy, but also have a great influence on the style of our home space Yes, so, there are many brands in the curtain market, and Yikespin curtains are one of them. So, how about Yikespin curtains? What should you pay attention to when buying curtains?

How about easy spinnable curtains?

1. Easy spinnable curtains will The perfect combination of functionality and decoration makes the curtains not only a wonderful addition to the interior decoration picture, but also creates a different home environment. Since the launch of the product, it has been highly praised and praised by consumers.

2. Easy-to-spin curtains can lower the temperature in the home, which is a good proof from the user’s monthly electricity bill reduction in summer. The most important thing is that Easy Spinn polarized curtains have good sun protection effect. If you install Easy Spinn window screens in the children’s room, the children can play and rest in the room without worrying about the strong ultraviolet rays burning the child’s skin. If the attic space is not very large, install easy-spun roller blinds, which will give you a good sense of space. Heat insulation and sun protection, more importantly, shading and light transmission, the room is well lit, and the temperature has dropped a lot, which can be said to be excellent value for money.

What should you pay attention to when buying curtains?

1. When choosing fabrics, you must consider the orientation of your windows. Windows facing south have good light, and tulle, thin cotton or silk fabrics are more suitable. North-facing rooms are often cold and gloomy, so you should choose curtains with warm colors and some heavy feelings to increase the temperature. If your home has windows facing east or west, then shade is an important use for curtains. Sun-shading curtains can not only block the glare, but also maintain the brightness of the room, making full use of natural light to illuminate the room. The windows in the bustling neighborhoods, street lamps, and billboards are also very bright at night. In order to have a peaceful sleep, thicker curtains are needed to cover them.

2. Don’t underestimate the cost of curtains, the most expensive ones may only cost a few yuan per meter, and the high prices can reach three or four hundred yuan per meter. For example, the window screen may only cost more than a dozen yuan per meter, but with the addition of cloth belts (6 to 8 yuan per meter for hanging curtain hooks), pendants (6 to 8 yuan per meter), flower spikes (about 8 yuan per meter), etc. , the price is not cheap. When calculating the total amount, be sure to confirm with the merchant whether all the required fabrics, accessories, tracks, etc. have been included, so as not to fall into the “trap” of the merchant after paying the deposit. The price of double curtain rods is lower, so if you only choose window screens, you can put the two layers of cloth together and hang a single rod, which saves costs and does not affect the appearance.

3. Choose styles according to local conditions, horizontal windows: short and wide is a typical window in modern housing, if there is no deep window sill or radiator, it will be better to choose floor curtains; viewing window: Large pieces of glass are installed, the area is large, and there are many cloths. It is necessary to use heavy-duty curtain rails with mechanical devices such as pull cords; while tall bay windows can use floor-to-ceiling curtains composed of several separate curtains. , Each curtain is fastened separately, and a continuous curtain box is used to connect each curtain as a whole. If the bay window is small or curved, it can be decorated as a whole, using a double curtain, each can be completely drawn to both sides of the window; double windows: generally speaking, it is best to treat them as one when decorating deal with it as a whole.

In a word, although the curtain does not seem to be a big thing, we cannot ignore its existence when we are decorating. It is a good brand to buy curtains, and Yikefang is one of us. A good choice, whether it is design or quality, it has withstood the test of the market and the evaluation of the people’s reputation, and it is trustworthy!

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