How to calculate the curtain tape?

Curtains can not only play a decorative role, but also help us protect privacy. Therefore, curtains are widely used now, and almost every household has curtains. So how much curtain cloth One meter of money? How should we calculate the curtain tape when we buy? Today I will analyze the above two questions with you.

 How to calculate the curtain tape?

  It is composed of three parts. The form includes window curtain, window body, and window screen; the accessories include window cherry, tent ring, ribbon, lace, and placket interlining, etc. as decorative things; and accessories include side hooks and straps. , window hooks, window belts, counterweights and other things outside the curtains. After understanding these, the following will introduce the calculation methods of each curtain fabric.

 Many people make mistakes in the calculation method of the curtain head The curtain head is considered to be included in the curtain, but it is not. The curtain head does not belong to the curtain body, and the curtain head needs to be calculated separately.

 curtain head width×3 folds&divide ;Cloth width (1.50 meters) = number of pieces. Number of pieces × (curtain head height + free side) = required number of meters of cloth. For example: the width of the curtain head is 2.5 meters, and the height is 0.48 meters. The number of meters used is: 2.5m×3÷1.5m=5, that is, 5 pieces of cloth 5×(0.48+0.2m)=3.4m.

 Calculation method of curtains The width of curtains is measured after the window size , plus 15 cm on both sides, this is the usual position for curtain hook installation, and reserve twice the actual width for pleating, some patterns are better calculated by 2.5 times. The curtain hem is 1-2 cm from the floor , so as not to mop the floor unhygienic, and it will make the room look higher. If it is a half curtain, the hem of the curtain should be 20-30 cm below the window sill. The calculation formula is roughly (window width + 0.15×2)×2 = Finished curtain width 2. Finished curtain width ÷ Step width & times; Curtain height = curtain required fabric. For example: window width 2.5 meters, height 1.6 meters, fabric width 1.5 meters. The number of meters used is: (2.5+0.15&times ;2)×2=5.65.6÷1.50×1.6=6 meters.

 Roman blind calculation method Roman blinds are divided into inner Roman blinds and outer Roman blinds. The outer Roman blinds cover the outside of the window The frame is enough, the measurement of the inner Roman blind must be accurate, measure the upper, middle and lower dimensions; take the outer Roman blind as an example: the width of a single Roman blind is 1.5 meters Therefore, you only need to consider the length when calculating, and use a piece of fabric. 1 piece & times; (window height + free edge) = the number of meters of fabric required. Such as: cloth width 1.5 meters Finished curtain specification: width 1.2 meters & times; height 1.5 meters. . Calculation method: 1 frame×(1.5+0.2)=1.70 meters.

 Lining Calculation Method

 Since Roman blinds need to wear aluminum strips on the lining, the length of the lining needs to be added to the fabric required for pleating.

  Curtain height + 0.04 meters (amount of fabric used for each pleat) & times; number of pleats = the number of meters of fabric required for lining. That is, length: 1.5 meters (curtain height) + 0.04 meters (amount of each pleat) & times; 4 pleats = 1.66 meters.

 There are many patterns and colors of curtains, and consumers should match them with the overall decoration style when purchasing. In addition, there are many types of curtains. In summer, you should choose thinner curtains, and in winter, you can choose thicker curtains for better shading effect. When buying curtains, try to choose a guaranteed brand.

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