How about a curtain roman rod?

Everyone can imagine how terrifying a monotonous and boring living situation is. People are still afraid of being bored, especially for young people, home life is also afraid of being bored, if you can use curtain Roman rod decoration in the living room and balcony, the home environment will not appear monotonous, and the home environment will be richer. Use Curtains are to avoid monotony, and can also decorate the entire home environment. So, how about Roman rods for curtains?

Curtains How about the Roman rod

1. Curtain Roman rod refers to the horizontal rod for hanging curtains, the rod body is cylindrical , about four centimeters in diameter, and the length depends on the size of the window. The two ends of the rod are decorated with gourd-shaped capitals, which are named after the style similar to ancient Roman architecture. The shaft is fixed horizontally above the window, and there are grooves on the rod for sliding There is a ring on the rod, and a pulley on the ring moves on the slide rail to drive the curtain to open and close.

2. General It is divided into track rods, track heads, support rails (single and double brackets, and three-rail brackets) and rings. It is four parts, as well as screws and expansion bolts. Generally, the price is included together. For example, 20 yuan for a one-meter track, you It needs 3 meters, that is 60 yuan, and the 60 yuan already includes the price of accessories. However, different regions may charge differently, and some regions are calculated separately. The key to this price difference lies in the material, and the price is different for different materials. How much is each part? In terms of Roman rails, they are generally alloy plastics, wood alloy plastics, light-storing alloy plastics, aluminum alloys, carbon steel, carbon steel covered with plastic, iron rails, and aluminum alloys in terms of materials. Well, when choosing a track, you can tell if it is good or bad by paying attention to the thickness of the tube wall. Light-storing alloy plastic is more expensive. In terms of technology, there are stickers, plastic wrapping, baking varnish, electric varnish, etc.

3. Roman rods are suitable for floor-to-ceiling curtains, which are very stylish. However, you need to pay attention to the selection of Roman rod curtains: the matching of the three major colors of your home~ ~ Walls, floors, curtains. If these 3 colors are not well matched, it will be ugly. In addition, if the room is not large, don’t choose shocking colors or patterns.

The above is a specific introduction to “How much is a curtain Roman rod per meter, how about a curtain Roman rod”, using a curtain Roman rod can make life more convenient, and hanging curtains is more convenient. After all, the curtain Roman rods are to be placed outside, so the choice should be matched according to the main color of the curtain cloth, so that the overall aesthetic feeling of the room can be coordinated.

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