Curtain gauze is sun-proof

There are still many accessories for curtains, such as curtain boxes and tracks, etc. Curtain yarn is also a very important part, so is curtain yarn sunscreen? There are many questions that readers want to know, and many people don’t know how to choose curtain yarn. Let’s take a look at what are the taboos of the curtains and gauzes in the living room, and see what you need to know when purchasing curtains and curtain gauzes. Let’s take a look at the relevant content.

Is the curtain yarn sunscreen?

Sunscreen, the quality must be selected well, The colors of EasySpin window screens are warm and peaceful. The functions of heat insulation, UV protection, and light transmission make way for aesthetic needs and functionality and practicality. Colorful natural colors make the living room more pure, noble and comfortable. It is Yikespin window screen.

The curtains and gauze curtains in the living room are taboo

1. If the area is small If the floor is maroon red, if you choose maroon red curtains, the room will appear narrow. When the color contrast between the ground and the furniture is strong, you can choose the color of the ground as the main color; when the contrast between the color of the ground and the furniture is weak, you can choose the color of the furniture as the main color. The color of the curtains in the living room should be close to the ground. If the color of the ground is If the curtain is purple, then the curtains can choose pink, peach red and other colors similar to the ground, but they can’t be stereotyped.

2. Generally speaking, red-green, green-orange, red-blue, and yellow-purple are uncoordinated. If the ground color and furniture color cannot be used as a reference, the color system can also be selected according to the color of the light. The warm color light system of orange can be matched with cool color systems such as beige and fruit green, and the neutral light system of milky white can be matched with warm color systems such as beige, light coffee, and light red. In addition, avoid disharmonious color matching when choosing.

3. Lower bungalows can use curtains with strong color contrast, and use the color contrast to change the depressing pattern in the room. If your current curtains are only monochromatic, you can also change them up through skillful hands. Choose a 15cm-wide strip of cloth, pleat it at a certain distance, and sew it to the edge of the curtain. The homemade lace adds a surprise to the home.

Is the curtain yarn sun-proof? Curtain yarn has a good sun-shading effect, but compared with curtains, the sun-proof effect is still worse, so when purchasing curtain yarn, you need to buy it together with curtains to achieve sun protection The effect of shading. What are the taboos of curtains and sheer curtains in the living room? The color matching is still a very important aspect when choosing. Everyone should use these little common sense when purchasing. I hope these contents can be helpful.

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