Curtain color matching skills? How to choose curtains?

The collocation of the home can make people see a different style. Curtains can block the sight of the outside world, and can also prevent ultraviolet rays and increase the beauty of the decoration Effect. Only with unique collocation skills can you have a different feeling. Then the editor will introduce the curtain color matching skills? How to choose curtains?

 curtains Color matching skills?

 1, black + white + gray: classic,   black or gray curtains, creating a very strong visual effect, making the whole home look calm and atmospheric, Low and luxurious, modern, and more young people like to incorporate gray into it, which eases the visual conflict between white and black and makes the home more gentle. If you like classic and elegant European style, then you can choose golden curtains as a deployment.

 ,2,,Blue+orange: now—— the combination of blue and orange, two colors collide to create a color, giving the space a new life, Let the whole space have a more sense of space, it will not look so boring, and it will be a little more fashionable.

 How to choose curtains?

One, measure the size well,  Many people ask cloth or curtain rod sellers to save trouble In fact, it is completely unnecessary to come to the door to measure the size and package installation. Measure the width of the window with a ruler by yourself, pay attention to adding the width of the window cover, it is best to add 10 cm to each side, and then multiply by 2 times (this is the standard fold ratio of curtains 1:2, if you don’t need folds, you can save money by not multiplying by 2), It is the number of meters of curtains you need.

 Second, choose curtains—— Curtain rods are generally metal or wooden, and metal ones are generally hollow. If it is a long window, the rod seller will cut it for you It can be divided into two, and the middle can be connected with a special connector, so that it will not be too difficult to install and carry. There are many rings on the curtain rod, and the two ends are covered with beautiful decorative heads, which is beautiful and generous. The curtain rod is suitable for use in the open place, and it is integrated with the curtain style to increase the decorative color.

 Third, the choice of fabric, There are many kinds of curtain fabrics, depending on your room style and color matching, some curtains are matched with gauze curtains and cloth curtains, and some need to choose matching ones by yourself. Also consider the material, pure cotton, chemical fiber, cotton and linen, pure linen, brocade and so on. Drapes with small patterns are used on small walls, while bold patterns are used on large windows. Use cool colors for small rooms and warm colors for large rooms, which can be selected according to the colors of indoor wallpapers, sofas, carpets, and floors.

 The above introduces the curtain color matching skills? How to choose curtains? We understand that different matching styles are different. But if you want to upgrade the curtains, buy some good quality ones. Do not use hard curtains, the use time is short, and it is difficult to clean when cleaning.

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