What color is the best color for living room curtains? How to choose curtains?

It is also important to choose the right curtains for home decoration. The style and color of the curtains will affect the overall decoration style. I believe that we all want to create a more comfortable home atmosphere, so we should pay more attention to the choice of curtains. Because it is in the living room, it is usually a place where people gather. Below we will introduce to you what color is the best color for living room curtains? How to choose curtains?

  What color is the best color for the curtains in the living room?

 1, what color is the best color for the living room curtains in modern style, Nordic style, and minimalist style? , What color of the curtains in the living room can attract attention? If the color is too bright and cannot be combined with the style, it can be ignored if it is too simple and elegant; so the first trick is to find out the color integration point of the living room. Modern, Nordic and minimalist styles all have in common that they are simple, so what color is the best color for the living room curtains? Black, white and gray or low-key dark blue and deep purple are good choices.

 2, How to choose the color of European style, French style and British style living room curtains? Good colors can highlight their elegance and comfort? Gold, silver, and white interlaced make the curtains in the living room attract attention and blend into the environment.

 3, What color curtains are suitable for Mediterranean style, American country style, and Korean style pastoral style? How about it? Light sky blue, white and brown are all good choices, and the material is lighter and can swing with the wind to create a dynamic effect.

 , 4, Southeast Asian, Japanese, and Chinese styles,   They all represent strong national colors. Of course, the color of the curtains in the living room needs to be selected according to their furniture. The colors are rich, but most of them are dark brown; the Japanese-style elegance makes the color of the curtains in the living room an annoying choice, but most people will choose beige, which is similar to the floor; while the choice of Chinese-style curtains is mostly dark.

 How to choose curtains?

 There are many types of curtains, which can be classified into two categories: finished curtains and fabric curtains

 1. Finished curtains, According to their appearance and functions, they can be divided into: roller blinds, folding blinds, vertical blinds and venetian blinds.

 1. The roller blind can be retracted freely. It can be divided into: man-made fiber roller blinds, wooden sunburned roller blinds, and bamboo roller blinds. Among them, artificial fiber roller blinds are woven with special technology, which can pass through strong sunlight radiation, improve the quality of indoor light, and have the functions of anti-static and fire prevention.

2. Vertical curtains can be divided into aluminum curtains and man-made fiber curtains according to their different fabrics. 1. Venetian blinds are generally divided into wooden louver, aluminum louver, bamboo louver and so on. The biggest feature of the blinds is that different angles of light can be adjusted arbitrarily, so that the natural light in the room is varied.

3. According to their different functions, folding curtains can be divided into: 100-page curtains, day and night curtains, honeycomb curtains, and 100-fold curtains. Among them, the slit room curtain has a suction effect, and the day and night curtain can have any effect between light transmission and light impermeability.

 Second, curtains made of decorative cloth by design and sewing

 1. Fabric curtains can be divided into printed cloth and dyed cloth according to their fabrics and processes. , Yarn-dyed fabric, jacquard fabric, etc.

 Calico: Printing colors and patterns on the plain gray cloth by means of transfer or garden net is called dyed cloth. Its characteristics are bright colors, rich and delicate patterns. Dyed cloth: The color dyed on the white gray cloth is called dyed cloth, and its characteristics are: elegant and natural. Yarn-dyed fabric: According to the design requirements, the gauze is first sorted and dyed, and then interlaced to form a color pattern to become a yarn-dyed fabric. Its characteristics: strong color fastness, clear yarn-dyed texture, and strong three-dimensional effect.  Jacquard printed cloth: The combination of the two processes of jacquard and printing is called jacquard colored cloth.

 2. The fabrics of fabric curtain colors include pure cotton, linen, polyester, and silk, and they can also be woven from concentrated raw materials. Cotton fabrics are soft and feel good; hemp fabrics have a good drape and a strong sense of texture; silk fabrics are noble and gorgeous, and they are made of 100% natural silk. Its natural, rough, elegant, and strong layering characteristics have become fashionable products; polyester fabrics are scratchy, bright in color, and do not fade or shrink.

 The curtains on the market now have their own characteristics, and we are dazzled when we choose. The various styles and styles make it difficult for us to choose. Today we talked about what color is good for the curtains in the living room? And how to choose curtains? I hope it will be helpful to everyone. In this way, when purchasing curtains, you can choose good curtains.

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