Curtain collocation tips summarized by the little decoration master, I regret that my family bought it early!

Although the curtain is an accessory, it can play the role of finishing touch. The matching of curtains should be selected according to the overall style of decoration and the color of the wall. The beauty of curtains is one of the key points of matching, but the function of curtains is also very important. Its light-shielding and wind-shielding properties should also be good, so as to meet people’s daily use. So, how to match the curtains? Let me tell you about it below!

1. Appropriate embellishment and reasonable matching style

When choosing and matching curtains When, the first principle is to fit the theme. Appropriate embellishments should be made while matching the overall home decoration style. Based on the overall style of the room, choose the appropriate decoration and color for the curtains. At the same time, you can also add some other colors or decorations as embellishments to add some bright colors to the entire home decoration. But keep in mind that the color matching of home furnishing must not be too confusing. Too many colors mixed together will not only fail to achieve the desired decorative effect, but will also greatly reduce the overall appearance of the entire space.

Second, material selection, meet the needs

There are various materials for curtains on the market Each material has its own characteristics, so when choosing, pay attention to comparing the advantages and disadvantages of different materials, and buy the most suitable material according to your needs.

1. Cotton and linen material

Cotton and linen curtains are good in terms of water absorption, air permeability and touch, but this kind of material has weak resistance to sunlight and requires more maintenance. troublesome, and more vulnerable to damage.

2. Yarn quality

Gauze curtains have a good texture and strong air permeability. They are very suitable for creating an atmosphere, but they have weak shading properties and are more easily damaged.

3. Blinds

Blinds have good water resistance and strong air permeability, but they are troublesome to clean and relatively shading Weaker, suitable for places that do not require too much shading.

4. Artificial fiber

Man-made fiber is currently the most widely used curtain material. It can resist the sun well, and is not easy to deform. Longer, so the application is more common.

Third, color choice, fit personality

The choice of color is also the curtain One of the very important considerations in the selection process. Different colors often bring different psychological feelings to people, so when choosing the color of curtains, you must consider the environment and seasons in the area, and consider clearly what style is suitable for you. In addition, as the seasons change, the suitable shades will also change.

For example, it is more appropriate to choose curtains with cool colors in summer, while it is more appropriate to choose curtains with warm colors in winter. Of course, when you really don’t know what color to choose, consider the versatile and harmless colors like white and high-grade gray. Elegant light blue gauze curtains, the unique texture of gauze and the mystery of blue itself create a hazy and mysterious atmosphere.

The characteristics of the gauze material also bring changes in light and shadow to the bedroom, adding to the aesthetic feeling. The fresh and dreamy collocation is very attractive, but it also hides a sense of indifference. Fresh and bright turquoise with simple white looks more fashionable and simple. Bright curtain colors add a little sparkle to the overall gray-blue bedroom palette, making the room look stylish. There are no redundant and complicated patterns, just relying on the striped folds produced by the folding of the curtain itself, with bright colors for embellishment, and at the same time, it also subtly echoes the colors of the throw pillows and chairs. Inadvertently, a simple casual fashion style is created.

Although the curtain is just an accessory, it can improve the overall effect of the house if it is chosen well. Therefore, the matching of items is very important. No matter what, as long as it is well matched, it will give us unexpected surprises. Well, the related content about curtains will be introduced here, and I hope it can help you!

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