How to match curtains and furniture, several classic combinations of curtains

Curtains can improve the privacy of the modern living room. Curtains of various styles and styles can add a color to the living room. Of course, the curtains need to be reasonably matched with the furniture to show a Good effect, so how to match curtains and furniture? The following is the introduction of several classic collocations of curtains.

How to match curtains and furniture

1. Children’s room The matching of curtains and furniture, the curtain design of the children’s room must be combined with the nature of the child. Secondly, children’s furniture is generally solid wood furniture, some environmentally friendly materials, and even slightly patterned. At this time, choose cute patterns or bright colors 3. Curtains caused by personality are very pleasing to children, but when you choose curtains, you must consider whether the curtain material is environmentally friendly to ensure children’s safe use.

2: Designs and styles must match the sofa: Generally speaking, in modern-style decoration, the design, color and style of the curtains in the living room should match the fabric sofa in the living room, using linen or polyester-cotton fabrics. In terms of color, light colors are used, such as beige, beige, light gray, etc.; in European style, the colors of curtains are mostly brown, golden, dark coffee, etc.; while Chinese style is mainly reddish and brown. “The curtains should match the overall home environment, which has become the default rule for choosing curtains.” In Jialiya Home Textiles and Style 2000 Home Furnishings Store, the life-experiential exhibition halls create different styles of home decoration atmospheres, and the integration of curtains with decoration styles and furniture layout fully embodies this principle.

Choice of curtain patterns: There are two main types of curtain patterns, namely: abstract type (also known as geometric type), such as square, circle, stripes and other shapes, and natural type (material form), Such as animals, plants, landscapes and so on. When choosing curtain patterns, you should generally pay attention not to be too trivial, and consider the effect of pleating. The curtain pattern should not be inclined, otherwise it will make people feel inclined. Tall rooms should choose horizontal patterns.

Several classic combinations of curtains

The decoration of the living room is based on modern and simple decoration, choosing light-colored curtains and adding murals on the walls. The living room is clean and pleasant. Because the walls are white, in order to avoid excessive monotony in the living room, green potted plants make the living room full of vitality.

The floor of the living room is off-white, and the curtains mainly choose warm-colored brown-yellow striped curtains to create a simple but not monotonous atmosphere. Through the embellishment of murals and sofa pillows, the space of the entire living room is enriched.

In this modern black-and-white style living room, the black floor is chosen, the white sofa is matched, and the white picture frame plays the finishing touch. The color combination of the living room is in cool colors. If you choose curtains in cool colors, the whole living room will be in a stiff state. Choose brown-yellow curtains, and the layering of the living room will be displayed immediately!

How about the curtains and furniture Matching? The above is the introduction of some methods. I hope you can understand and choose the corresponding curtains for matching according to your needs.

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