Bedroom Curtain Calculation Method

Bedroom curtains are an important product in our home decoration, so what do you know about bedroom curtains? Do you know how to choose bedroom curtain products? Bedroom curtain calculation method What is it? Let me introduce the price of bedroom curtains for you. I hope it will be helpful for you to understand bedroom curtains! Come and find out!

Calculation method of bedroom curtains

How to calculate the price of curtains There is a special formula that is the price of each curtain = two Quotation of a terminal + quotation of pull wire + track length * quotation per meter of track + window width * window height * quotation of curtain per square meter. Then the quotation of curtain lace = quotation of lace per square meter * (curtain width * 2 +Curtain height*2) These are the calculation formulas of some curtains. Curtains are divided into two parts: curtains and window decorations. The pricing methods and application functions are very different. These are two different commodity concepts. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to determine that the selected product is priced according to the corresponding pricing method. Simply put, the curtain is priced according to the width and quantity, and the curtain is priced according to the area. The curtain is similar to other decoration materials, and there are restrictions on the size of the product. Due to the constraints of the loom, the curtains have a width of 2.8 meters and a width of 1.5 meters. The choice of short curtains is generally to adapt to the actual situation. For example, cabinets and furniture limit the length of curtains, so ,It is generally used in kitchens and bedrooms.Because it is the key to measuring the size of curtains, use a metal tape measure to carefully verify each size, and the more detailed the record, the better.

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