What color is good for bedroom curtains? What color is taboo for bedroom curtains?

The choice of bedroom curtains is important, because we know that the bedroom is a private space for our daily rest, so in order to ensure the privacy of daily rest without affecting the appearance , we need to choose a suitable bedroom curtain. Then we say that when choosing curtains, we must also understand the color. Next, we will introduce to you what color is the best for bedroom curtains? What colors are taboo for bedroom curtains?

 What color is the bedroom curtain?

 1. Material selection: expensive fabrics can make the room feel luxurious, but we There is no need to spend a lot of money to pursue gorgeousness, just pay attention to matching the grade of the furnishings in the room. In addition, the texture of the fabric has an important influence on the style and atmosphere of the interior layout. For example, thin and transparent materials make people feel cool, while thick and solid materials make the room feel warm.

 2. Color: Using color skillfully can change the atmosphere in the house. Generally speaking, dark tones will make people feel that the space is shrinking, while bright light colors will make the short space appear spacious and stretched. Proper color matching will create a stable and comfortable half; if the tones are not coordinated, people will be nervous and irritable; too mixed colors will also bring confusion to people.

 What color is the taboo for bedroom curtains?

1. In bedroom curtain fengshui, curtains must not choose unlucky patterns. Well, the health and love aspects of family members are not good either. For example, there are many skeletons, dolls with strange shapes, and ferocious animals, etc., it is best not to appear on the curtains, especially in the elderly room and children’s room. pattern, we should avoid using it.

 2. Among the taboo colors for bedroom curtains, it is better not to choose black and red, because these two extreme colors will make people have bad emotions, and it is easy to make people’s emotions develop towards extremes . Also, pay attention to the combination of orientation and fengshui. One is to use white in the northwest to promote the luck of the nobles. The other is to use brown or earthy colors in the southwest to increase the stable energy of parents. The other is to use yellow chandeliers in the southwest. It can bring luck to you who are single.

 3. In short, the color matching of bedroom curtains must match the style of the home. For better health and emotional maintenance.

  Today we will introduce to you what color is the best color for bedroom curtains? What color is taboo for bedroom curtains? We believe that everyone has some understanding of the above introduction. Regarding the purchase of bedroom curtains, we know that we also need to pay attention to some things, because we need to pay attention to color matching and some taboos. I hope our introduction can help you choose.

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