6 must-see points when choosing curtains

As the finishing touch of home decoration, curtains are an important part of soft decoration. You must know that it is not easy to choose good curtains, because in addition to decorative functions, curtains should also With a certain degree of practicality, it is not easy to make curtains take into account these characteristics. This article will give a detailed introduction to the key points of curtain purchase.

Six must-see points when choosing curtains:

1. Consider the privacy of curtains first

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The basic purpose of curtains is to maintain indoor privacy. Therefore, when purchasing curtains, especially curtains for external windows, the first thing to consider is whether the curtains can play a role after hanging. The role of privacy protection. The curtains in the living room area can be lighter and thinner, and it is acceptable to see through a little shadow. For areas with strong privacy such as bedrooms and bathrooms, curtains should choose a style that does not see through shadows.

2. The light transmittance of curtains is also very important

Bright light can make the living space appear larger, But too strong light will stimulate people’s vision. Therefore, when choosing curtains, it is necessary to consider the light transmission of the curtains. Different spaces also have different requirements for the light transmittance of curtains.

3. The decoration of curtains should be unified with the interior style

Curtains play a decorative role in the home space that cannot be ignored. For homes where the walls are only painted white Even more so. Therefore, when purchasing curtains, the pattern and color of the curtains are an important determinant that we have to consider. Choosing a curtain that coordinates with the home decoration style can make the style of the entire space more unified.

4. The sound absorption and sound insulation effect of curtains

There are many sources of noise pollution in the city. When purchasing curtains, We also need to consider the sound absorption and sound insulation effects of the curtains. Generally speaking, the sound insulation of curtains is related to the fabric of the curtains and the thickness of the curtain fabrics. The jacquard fabrics with high latitude and longitude and thick flannelette curtains have better sound insulation effects.

5. Choose curtain material according to function

There are many curtain materials on the market, such as cotton, fiber, Lace, etc. are easy to buy. When deciding on the curtain material, the decision should be made according to the specific use of the curtain. If it is used for decoration, you can consider choosing lace and gauze curtains, which can create an elegant feeling. If it is to block the sun, you can choose thicker man-made fiber or blended fiber curtains. This type of curtain is easy to clean, durable, and has a good effect on blocking the sun.

6. How to measure the size of the curtains

If you want to know the size of the curtains you need in your home, you must first measure the size of your home The size of the window, if there is a window frame around the window, then the size of the window will include the area of the window frame, which needs to be calculated from the outside of the window frame, if there is a curtain box on the top of the window, then the size of the window needs to be calculated from the inside of the window box rise.

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