What are the options for pink wall curtain colors? What are the curtain maintenance skills?

As an important part of our home decoration, curtains, in addition to privacy protection and light adjustment, exquisite and high-end curtains can also make the home more warm, fashionable and romantic. As people’s pursuit of home decoration quality is getting higher and higher, the market demand for high-end curtains is also increasing. However, many consumers ignore the maintenance and dust removal of curtains. Today, let’s take a look at the choice of pink wall curtain color and curtain maintenance skills.

Choice of pink wall curtain color

1. White curtains

The combination of pink and white has always been a classic, the pink wallpaper wall dotted with white curtains can immediately give people a refreshing feeling, and the white embellishment also makes the pink wallpaper Appear more energetic.

Second, pink curtains

Pink wallpapers with curtains of the same color are the practice of many people. Now, the room looks more unified and not messy.

3. Floral curtains

Pink wallpaper and floral curtains are a very common and classic match. The embellishment of floral curtains makes the room look more beautiful There are layers, not rigid.

Fourth, powder blue curtains

Powder blue and pink are colliding colors, but they are all cute colors. The blue embellishment makes it more spacious.

Five, pink-green curtains

Pink and pink-green have always been good partners, especially for children’s rooms, pink walls look romantic Incomparable, with the pink and green curtains, it will immediately present a fairy-tale space, which is easy to win the favor of children.

Curtain maintenance tips

1. Curtains should generally be dusted once a week, paying special attention to removing the dust between the fabric structures.

2. Cleaning different curtains requires different methods: ordinary fabric curtains can be scrubbed with a damp cloth, but it is recommended to choose dry cleaning for fabrics that are easy to shrink or imported high-grade fabrics.

3. Do not use detergents containing bleaching ingredients to clean the curtains, and clean them regularly every six months. Try not to dehydrate and dry, but choose to dry naturally, so as not to destroy the unique texture of the curtain.

4. If it is stained, wipe it off with a clean rag. To avoid marking, work from the outside of the stain.

5. Curtain beauty: After the window screen is washed, it can be soaked in milk for 1H, then washed and dried naturally. The color of the gauze curtain after soaking will be more vivid (bleaching is prohibited).

6. If the thread is found to be loose, it cannot be broken by hand, but should be cut with scissors.

Cleaning curtains is like “skin care”, not only cleaning, but also maintenance, such as repairing the damaged needlework, maintaining the track of the curtain, reinforcing the lace, re-ironing, and modifying the length according to the shrinkage rate etc., greatly prolonging the service life of the curtains. In addition, the curtains can be washed once a year.

The above content about the choice of pink wall curtain color and curtain maintenance skills is introduced here.

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