3 big tricks to buy curtains, teach you how to buy good curtains easily!

There are too many materials available for curtains, choosing based on personal likes and dislikes or commercial advertisements will make us fall into a tangled quagmire. It is wise to determine the materials used according to the properties of the room. Different types of rooms have different requirements for the environment, and it is the function that gives the space a very different design. Choosing the curtain material that fits the tone of the space can help us create the environment with ease.

1. Selection and material selection: following functional requirements

1 . Living room: “wrapped” or “exposed” Generally speaking, the living room has many active functions, and it often has more public purposes such as receiving guests and entertaining outside the living room, so it tends to create a transparent and bright space sense of sight. Semi-transparent thin cloth and light gauze are often very practical. Especially in spring and summer, it can add coolness, allowing the outdoor light and every frame of scenery to be reflected through the curtain, and sprinkle mottled light and shadow, bringing vividness and comfort to the interior.

2. Bedroom: Your own peaceful bedroom focuses on rest, or to pass private time, and sometimes to study and work. In order to ensure the owner’s work, rest quality and privacy, the shading of the curtains should not be too low, and the saturation and brightness should not be high. So as not to cause a sense of dazzling, but also to take into account a certain sound insulation effect. Warm fabrics such as cotton, linen or suede are very useful here.

Second, color and collocation: from solid color to pattern

1 . Pure white and off-white are obvious and versatile. White curtains generally have a high degree of matching with white walls and ceilings. The overall look is pure, clear and unconventional. The trouble is that it gets dirty easily and needs to be cleaned regularly. Lightweight white curtains are easy to disassemble and assemble, and have a hazy fairy air, which will be more popular.

2. If you are still undecided about the color of logs and cotton and linen, the simple and natural cotton and linen series are also good. Cotton, linen and coarse cloth are natural in color, and with log decoration, the touch is warm and considerate, with a more elegant charm.

3. Bright colors can play a “chemical reaction” in the white wall space. If necessary, try some contrasting colors to improve the liveliness of the space and polish the home a lot.

Third, decoration and details: simple and thoughtful

1 . Proportional scale is very important. The curtain should not cover the entire wall. In fact, it is simple but concise, and restraint is clear. As for the width of the open curtain, if it is not a large window on the whole wall, the appropriate distance from the window frame on both sides of the curtain is enough.

2. The hanging rod is also the protagonist. Although there are various ways to hang curtains, including but not limited to hooks, pleats, punching holes, slings, etc., which one to choose is a personal preference, but in general, don’t try to add superfluous curtain head decorations .

In a nutshell, the key to choosing curtains is: practical shading, beautiful color matching, and moderate decoration. Choosing a good curtain can improve the overall effect of home decoration and play a finishing touch. Well, the above is the relevant content about home curtains introduced by the editor, I hope it can help you!

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