Pole Jacks Adjustable House Jack – 54-150 inch Leveling Support for Crawlspace, Basement, Cellar Ceiling

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  1. Lift Your Foundation: Provides temporary leveling support during construction renovations and repairs, helping to lift sagging floors caused by age or disasters.
  2. Strong Weight Capacity: Each jack can support up to 11,200 lbs (at 54 inches) and 2,500 lbs (at 150 inches), ensuring robust support for various needs.
  3. Adjustable and Flexible: The screw jack post can be adjusted from 54 to 150 inches using a turning bar and screw bolt, making it suitable for various temporary bracing requirements.
  4. Trusted Quality: Made from ISO9001-certified oxide-finished steel, featuring a 3-inch diameter base post with a welded-on floor plate and screw jack post. The turning bar comes with a large roof plate and 4 locking pins for stability.
  5. Versatile Applications: Ideal for home and industrial use, offering temporary support for weak floors, crawl spaces, stairs, and roof trusses. Note: Not intended for use as permanent supports.
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