Pole Jacks 4PK Steel Telescopic Adjustable Support Rod – Supports up to 154 lbs, Extends from 49 to 114 Inch

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  1. Woodworking Essentials: Ideal for woodworking projects, such as supporting drywall, crown moldings, cabinets, dust barriers, and more, with good bearing capacity and convenience.
  2. Premium Design: Made of high-density metal and premium aluminum handle, offering minute adjustments. Non-slip TPR and PVC pads provide stability in various working conditions.
  3. Versatile and Stable: Provides support for various tasks, including reinforcing stairs, porches, weak floors, or decks, and installing upper cabinets, drywall, crown moldings, and light fixtures.
  4. Hands-Free Operation: Secures building materials, freeing your hands and providing a reliable “3rd hand” while working alone.
  5. Warranty and Replacement: Comes with a two-year warranty, and damaged accessories can be replaced for free.
  6. Intimate Design: Equipped with anti-slip and pinch-preventive valves, and has a design patent application for added safety and ease of use.
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