You must not hang such curtains in the bedroom, it will only make you poorer and poorer, let alone the husband and wife room!

The bedroom windows need to hang curtains to ensure the quality of sleep and also have a strong decorative effect. Dear friends, in addition to the material and color of the curtains, you should also pay attention to the quality of the bedroom curtains. Some curtains are not suitable for hanging in the bedroom, which will directly block your wealth and make you poor all the time!

One, the bedroom must not hang this kind of curtain

1, pink Curtains

The color of the curtains should not be too dark or too light, too dark will easily cause psychological pressure and make people feel uncomfortable, especially Do not choose pink for the curtains in the couple’s room. Pink has been used to attract peach blossoms since ancient times. If it is hung in the couple’s room, it is easy to attract rotten peach blossoms and intervene in the relationship between the couple. The same is not suitable for couples’ rooms. Unless the single friends are thinking about leaving the singles, then it can attract good luck; as the saying goes, everything is prosperous in a family, and harmony makes money. Once the relationship between husband and wife breaks down, the fortune of wealth will become worse and worse.

2. Avoid patterns with ominous meanings on the curtains.

There will be some trendy and alternative patterns on some curtains, which may cater to the curiosity-seeking psychology of young people, but it may imply bad luck on the curtains. For example, the common skeletons, dolls with weird shapes, and ferocious animals should be avoided to avoid adverse effects on the owner.

3. Heavy curtains

Windows are one of the main channels for families to make money. Curtains will block the entry of wealth, and it is even more difficult to get promoted and make a fortune. If there is too much sunlight outside, double-layer curtains can be used instead of heavy curtains. Double-layer curtains are not only light-transmitting but also practical, and the point is that they are also very convenient to clean.

4. Color pattern

The color of bedroom curtains also includes patterns. Generally, most people’s curtain patterns are auspicious patterns such as: phoenix or flowers , a small number of other animals and the like; some people pursue individuality and alternatives, and require curtain colors and patterns to be violent or dark. The bedroom of young people is better, but if it is a child, it is easy to be scared ,not auspicious.

5. The color of curtains should not be “moving”

The color of bedroom curtains should be “quiet”, such as beige and light blue are relatively “quiet” colors. Pure red, orange red, lemon yellow, grass green and other colors are too bright and are exciting colors, so they are not suitable for use in the bedroom. Do not use too much red or black as the main color of the bedroom in the color of the curtains, because too much red or too black will make people impulsive and extreme. For example, beige and light blue are relatively “quiet” colors. Pure red, orange red, lemon yellow, grass green and other colors are too bright and are exciting colors, so they are not suitable for use in the bedroom.

Second, what color is the bedroom curtain?

1. Choose a color that both parties like, for example: warm color. Of course, you can also choose according to the changes of the four seasons, such as: white, green, blue, orange and so on.

2. For the single bedroom, choose your favorite and individual color. At this time, you can choose as much as you like, without limitations.

3. Wall: white or ivory. Furniture: yellow or gray. Curtains: orange is recommended. Walls: light blue, furniture: light yellow, curtains: it is recommended to choose white background and blue color. Walls: yellow or light yellow, furniture: purple, black, curtains: yellow or gold is recommended.

Third, what style of curtains are generally used in the bedroom

1. The bedroom is a private place, and the curtains should be thick and strong in shading. Studies have shown that: noise pollution up to 30 decibels will interfere with normal sleep. Therefore, it is very important to choose curtains with sound-absorbing effects, generally flocking, cotton, and linen. Generally speaking, the thicker the curtain, the better the sound absorption effect, and the reduction is 10%-20%.

2. The quality of sleep will affect the mood of the whole day. Falling asleep in a leisurely and peaceful atmosphere can ensure the quality of sleep. The color of the bedroom should be rice gray or light blue. But pure red, orange red, too bright, not suitable for use in the bedroom.

3. Window orientation: For southeast, choose cool colors; for northwest, choose warm colors. Of course, it depends on personal preference, styles vary from person to person.

My friends, please pay attention to the taboos of the above bedroom curtains, otherwise it will be very unfavorable to your family and your fortune will become worse and worse . In addition, remember to match the color and material of the curtains with the style of the bedroom, otherwise it will be very inconsistent.

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