Why don’t I buy blackout curtains? How to choose curtain fabric?

For interior decoration and shading effect, when choosing curtains, people will choose some curtains with better shading, but some people find that there are too many light curtains on the market . When I saw it in the store, the refraction effect was very good, but when I took it to my home to decorate, I found that the curtains did not block the light. So I don’t know why, what causes it? Then the editor will tell you why the blackout curtains still don’t block out the light? How to choose curtain fabric?

Why don’t you buy blackout curtains?

It should be blackout. It is a little better than ordinary non-shading ones, and it is better than black shading in many sunny rooms, but the color of white shading should be bright, and you can install double-layer curtains with gauze. The shading performance of white is a little worse than that of black. Consider the shading rate before choosing white silk shading. You have to consider the strongest light during the summer lunch break window. The shading can make people fall asleep faster, and the light is better.

How to choose curtain fabric

1. In the design style, we know Curtain fabrics come in many types of designs. Curtain fabrics are inextricably linked to these styles and interior design styles. Therefore, the choice of curtain fabric and the design style of curtain fabric are the first requirements. In other words, all factors of curtain fabrics must first match the style of the interior. At this point, you can match it according to the style of the interior, so that the style of the curtain fabric can be adapted to the style of the interior.

2. The curtain fabric function needs to be based on the curtain fabric design style described in the functional requirements, and the thickness of the curtain fabric needs to be selected. Generally speaking, there are two methods:

a. Use a thicker curtain fabric.

b. Use a thicker curtain fabric, and make a layer of gauze curtain inside. As for the curtain fabric style, it needs to consider the actual situation

3. There are many options for choosing curtain fabrics. Here is a brief introduction to the performance characteristics of curtain fabrics:

a. Light, thin, transparent or translucent curtain fabrics, such as cotton, polyester-cotton blended fabric, glass yarn, fine mesh, lace and voile, etc.

b, medium thickness opaque curtain fabric, such as fancy weave cotton, nylon and its blended fabric, scrim. Smooth surface curtain fabric.

The above is the editor’s introduction. Why don’t you still have blackout curtains after buying blackout curtains? How to choose curtain fabric? We know that there are many reasons for buying curtains without shading. The main reason may be directly related to the material we choose, so when you choose blackout curtains, we must take them outside to see if they are shading. If you take them outside, he If it is not shading, it will not appear after installation, and there will be no shading effect.

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