Which is better for manual curtains? What is the function of curtains?

Homes are becoming more and more intelligent, and many of them are related to the Internet, making people feel more and more comfortable and comfortable. For example, there are two types of curtains: smart curtains and manual curtains. Manual curtains are a relatively traditional type, so which kind of manual curtains are better and what are the functions of curtains? These problems need to be understood more when buying curtains. Let’s take a look at these specific common sense and tell you some related content.

Which is better for manual curtains?

1. Thermal insulation: The function of traditional window decorations is limited to shading, but with the development of modern technology, the functions of window decorations are becoming more and more diversified, and thermal insulation is also an important function of curtains. Thermal insulation is not only reflected in preventing the loss of indoor heat in winter, but also in blocking outdoor heat in summer. The hollow insulation design of modern window treatments can reduce indoor temperature changes, thereby improving energy efficiency.

2. Sound insulation: privacy protection is the role that window coverings have always played, and in addition to blocking indoor things, sound insulation is another function of the privacy of modern window coverings. The use of unique materials and flexible design can greatly improve the sound insulation effect of windows.

3. Sun protection and fire prevention: Traditional curtains only play a role in light insulation, while modern window decorations also make outstanding contributions in light insulation, heat insulation and UV protection through high-tech design. In addition, some window decorations can also play a flame-retardant role, because the material used to make window decorations is not easy to burn, so it is more conducive to home fire prevention.

4. Through the scenery and light: the change of life concept has caused people to pay more and more attention to nature. Modern window treatments provide shade without blocking the view, and control light intensity while maintaining ventilation. Hunter window decorations can adjust the degree of light transmission in the room according to the degree of opening and closing of the curtains. Some curtains have light-transmitting veils on the surface and light-shielding fiber curtains in the middle, so the window decorations can achieve the effect from light transmission to complete shading.

5. Dust-proof: The curtains of modern window coverings are treated with anti-static treatment, which is not easy to deposit dust and is easy to maintain. Regular dusting with a duster as part of normal maintenance will keep window coverings clean.

6. Safety: The designer invented a window treatment system without a pull cord. The cordless light control system can realize the elongation and shortening of window coverings only by lightly lifting and pulling by hand; in order to prevent children from accidentally touching the product, electric and remote control electric systems are more convenient, directly using the remote control or the wall The switch can control the opening and closing of the curtains.

What is the function of curtains?

The main function of curtains is to isolate from the outside world and maintain the privacy of the room. At the same time, it is an indispensable decoration for home decoration. In winter, curtains separate the indoor and outdoor into two worlds, adding warmth to the house. Modern curtains can not only reduce light and shading to meet people’s needs for different intensity of light; Therefore, the ingenious combination of decoration and practicality is the characteristic of modern curtains.

Which kind of manual curtain is better? Suitable for home use. What is the function of curtains? It is mainly to isolate from the outside world, but also has the function of privacy. It can not only block light, but also prevent radiation and ultraviolet rays.

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